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This morning I got an email from People Email Network or PEN, on the Health Care Crisis in this country. Why this has not been resolved yet is beyond comprehension. Through Democratic regimes and Republican nothing has been done. Now I understand, while republicans are at the helm, nothing is accomplished for the working class of this nation but why didn't this crisis get put out to pasture during Democratic power days. I guess the whole lot that
governs over us, just don't care, big business and global corporations are
the ones who really govern us. It is up to them to "FEEL SOME PITY"
for the working poor of this nation and we all know THAT WILL NEVER
HAPPEN... What an insensitive, pitiless devoid of concern or sympathy, world
we live in...
SUFFER THE LITTLE CHILDREN AND THE POOR will be forever the RULE! thinkingblue

PS: Please read my email sent to my representatives, below. I will still write these activism type letters to the government but I can't help but think it is all
really just a waste of time. But, that thought I will try to keep buried in the deep recesses of my mind because if I don't I will lose all hope and hope is all we have during these sad dark days of

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My Dear Florida Government Representatives; I am urging you to Pass HR 676 Comprehensive Health Coverage, (Expanded and Improved Medicare for All Act) supported by Rep. John Conyers [D-MI]) to solve our heath care crisis. I doubt, if you have any first hand knowledge of what it is like to not have access to medical help when in desperate need of it. Within my family, I saw my father die too young, he was 45 and also my mother, she was 56. We were a lower income family who worked hard for the fundamental needs of life;. A roof over our head and some food on our table. There were no family doctor visits for preventative health screenings, only trips to the emergency room after suffering days at a time waiting for the pain to just go away. Both my father and mother's health problems became critical because the doctor visit came to late to help them survive. Take it, this was well over 40 years ago and still nothing has changed.

Now, today, I see my children struggling to have minimal health insurance coverage. My daughter works as a teacher's aid and pays out almost half her salary in health coverage as she struggles to go to school to strive for a more substantial living wage further down the road, mainly so her two small children will have a better life.

My son, who is self employed as a musician, barely has insurance, he pays over 300 dollars a month for a policy with a $5000 out of pocket deductible. If there were to be a catastrophic illness, a doctor cannot enter him or his wife in a hospital until that is paid. And I believe we are the lucky ones.

I can't fathom what it must be like to have a sick child and not be able to seek the help of a physician because you have no insurance. The statistics must be staggering on how many of us Americans suffer and die because we just don't make enough income to afford medical help.

If I were one of the one percent top of the heap wealthy, or one of the representatives in our government who just don't give a damn, I'll tell you, I would hang my head in shame. This country will not survive unless we take care of our weakest links... our children, our working poor, our elderly and our fellow human being. Our government does not lead by example and this is not only sad but it is dangerous. A danger to our liberty and justice for all. We are slowly becoming a state where a citizen's value depends on how much is in their bank account. This is repulsive to put it mildly.

If you would like a small example of how others feel on this topic please read the below paragraphs that I retrieved from this blog:

Poor Enough To Die

Since Republicans are opposed to universal healthcare and Democrats are too cowardly to stand behind a social program that has saved countless lives in just about every industrialized nation but our own, this post is pretty much moot. Nevertheless, let's pretend that the egomaniacs in Washington D.C. actually cared about the fact that poor Americans are dying of preventable diseases every damn day and that there was a spirited election-year debate on this crisis.

If that was the case, here's the political ad I'd like to see :

Operator : 911, what's your emergency?

Caller : I need an ambulance for 321 Evergreen Terrace! I think my grandpa
has had a heart attack.

Operator : Okay, is he conscious?

Caller : No, he just fell down. Please hurry, he's not moving.

Operator : Alright, before I send help I need to get a little more information. What's your household's annual income?

Caller : What?!

Operator : I just need to know how much money you make.

Caller : I don't know. Maybe twenty thousand a year. We need help! My grandfather is dying.

Operator : Oh...I'm sorry. I'm not going to be able to send anyone. We're only able to help people who can afford our services.

[Cut to flat lining EKG machine]

Voice Over : Is this the future of American healthcare? Millions of Americans suffer from preventable diseases every day because they can't afford health insurance. Call your Senator and let them know that nobody should deserve to die because they're too poor to go to the doctor.

But like I said, this is just a moot point. Poor people can't afford a lobbyist to stand up for them, so the chances of either party making an issue of this is virtually nil.

My sentiments exactly, Thanks for all the nothings over too many years, thinkingblue

Tell Congress To Pass Expanded and Improved Medicare for All
We are the only major industrialized nation without universal health care. Although we spend far more for our health care than any other nation, we lag woefully behind in fundamental things like life expectancy and infant mortality. Why? Because we insist on a medical system run not by medical personnel for the benefit of patients, but by insurance and
pharmaceutical lobbies for the benefit of corporate stockholders.

Many physicians have grown tired of seeing patients suffer needlessly. Over 15,000 of them along with two former surgeons general and the deans and faculties of some of America’s most prestigious medical schools, have come up with a Physicians National Health Plan.

I endorse this plan. For about 5% of wages (instead of paying for employer plans) and a 0.5% tax on stock and bond trading, the plan provides comprehensive health care for all Americans. This includes prescription drugs, eye and dental care, physician's care, hospitalization, even psychiatric care. The plan now languishes in the Republican Congress as HR676. Proposed by John Conyers and co-sponsored by over thirty-five other legislators, HR 676 would solve our heath care crisis.

Unlike my Republican opponent, I am fighting for this bill to become law now. Please join me in speaking out.

The one click form below will send your personal message to all your government representatives selected below, with the subject "Pass HR 676 Comprehensive Health Coverage." At the same time you can send your personal comments only as a letter to the editor of your nearest local daily newspaper if you like.



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