Sunday, July 30, 2006


Click Here - WAS 911 AN INSIDE JOB?

Last night I watched 9/11 and the NeoCon Agenda on CSPAN 1. I must tell you it was riveting. The June American Scholars Symposium gave light to so many myths about what really happened on September 11, 2001. I have always felt that we did not get a full account of this horrific happening and even wondered if the whole orchestration of events was possibly planned.

It is so BIZARRE, I can imagine why people want to believe these folks, all scholars at are stark raving mad. They are not insane but I wish they were!

This idea is so thoroughly sad, to think that our government would allow the September 11, 2001 atrocity, a day so brutal that it even dwarfs The Pearl Harbor's day in infamy just to bring their own farfetched ideology into reality.

If you missed last night's showing (July 29, 2006) you will be able to view it tonight Sunday July 30, 2006. Please try not to miss it. It does not answer the question... WAS 911 AN INSIDE JOB? What the panel does is create more questions, many, many more; And it seems our government does not have any answers. In fact, they just want the whole conspiracy theory to be LAUGHED OUT LOUD at. I FOR ONE, AM NOT LAUGHING!!! thinkingblue

9/11 and the NeoCon Agenda on CSPAN 1!
Another breakthrough media moment! This weekend CSPAN 1, the main CSPAN channel, will broadcast a truly powerful panel discussion from the June American Scholars Symposium: "9/11 and the Neocon Agenda," and will air it three times in prime viewing slots.
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This dynamic panel including Professor Steven Jones, Col. Robert Bowman, Professor James Fetzer, Webster Tarpley and Alex Jones, powerfully demolishes the government's official story of what happened on 9/11.

CSPAN's schedule now confirms that the L.A. panel discussion on 9/11 will be broadcast Saturday night, July 29, at 8:00 PM (EDT), 11:00PM (EDT), and Sunday, July 30 at 2:15 PM (EDT) . Pass the word and crank up the VCRs... -- Courtesy of