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Not Prepared For Dubya or RED WHITE and SCREWED.

Every time I see Dubya on TV... I think, "MY GOD, how did we get such a human failure as the leader of our country?" No matter how many times I see his face I still question, "WHY? HOW? and WHAT the...?" It seems that when the Bush Neocons took over the reins, our nation has been steadily steered in the direction of ruin.

Dubya, an empty shell of a man, makes me so ashamed... His style, which is somewhere between "rainman" and "soupy sales" ( might have to be an American Boomer to remember him) is laughable to put it mildly. A buffoon, decreeing a buffoon ideology. He tries so hard to come across as a tough, righteous, man of God but winds up looking like a vulnerable, morally bankrupt, man of disrepute.

The comedian, Lewis Black says it best:

Uh, I listen to George Bush every day, and I realize, that one of us... is NUTS! AND, it's not ME!! Here's how you know... he's crazy. When someone speaks to you, and their words don't match their face... they're INSANE!! When he talks about the war in Iraq, he smiles sometimes. YOU CAN'T DO THAT!! Not unless you do a joke like "Two Iraqis walked into a bar, hahahaha." -

White and Screwed...

Highlights from "Lewis Black: Red, White and Screwed"

Now, back to the reason for today's post... I saw Robert Scheer touting his new book on Democracy Now,

"Playing President: My Close Encounters with Nixon,
Carter, Bush I, Reagan and Clinton- and How They Did Not Prepare Me for George W. Bush."

I believe, this is the best affirmation of Dubya's character and why he is so dangerous to, we the people and democracy itself... Please read this excerpt and click link at bottom to read the whole interview with Amy Goodman. Thanks, thinkingblue


Amy Goodman:
And how does he compare to Bush today, George W. Bush?

Robert Scheer: Well, my point in that subtitle, which you've read a few
times, that they did not prepare me for Bush, is all of these people had led a
life, okay? Reagan had been born in the Depression. His father lost his job. He
went to work for the New Deal. Reagan had had to scratch his way through college
and get jobs and make a living. He was the head of a union. He had actually had
to work his way up in Hollywood. He cared about the issues. He cared about what
was going on. He followed what was going on in the world.

This was certainly true of Richard Nixon, who was the best prepared president.
He had been vice president. Richard Nixon, you could say, "Bulgaria." He would
tell you the five different factions in Bulgaria, you know, where they stood and
what their history was. He would have been able to tell you the whole story I
just told you about Mossadegh. He would have known it in great detail. It
doesn't mean he did the right thing. He had the opening to China. He still
killed millions of people in Indochina, stopping communism while he was drinking
Mai Tais with Mao Tse-tung. So he was still capable of enormous dangerous

Clinton, obviously the smartest, maybe the smartest of all of our politicians.
The reason he wrote a letter criticizing me is, I called him a right-of-center.
I said he'll be remembered as a great president, but a right-of-center
president, bringing us back to the center. I would say that this - in physics,
they say quantitative change suddenly produces a qualitative change. You heat
water, it becomes steam.

We've had the trivialization of our politics going on ever since we had
electronic media. We've had the photo-ops and the dumbing down and the
one-liners, and everything. But it hit a critical mass with George W. He is the
first perfectly electronically transmitted president. There is no there there.
Here is a guy who came in, he wasn't even the one his father wanted to be
president. He had no real interest. He - you know, we don't pick senators
because they have a track record. We pick governors from states where governors
don't do anything, like Jimmy Carter from Georgia, George W. from Texas.

So here was a guy who must have arrived that first day thinking, "How did I get
here? What do I do?" And he basically turned it over to people he thought would
allow him to one-up his father, that great psychological drama that we're
suffering through, and he turned it over to Cheney and to Rumsfeld and to the
neo-cons, which is a real cabal. They've been meeting together. They've been
preparing position papers together.

We have lots of good documentaries now out on this. Greenwald's Uncovered, I
think, is an excellent one. The other one I saw the other night, Hijacking 9/11.
There are many of these things. They're right. People have a right to question
how this happened. But clearly, these people hijacked the government with a very
narrow ideological view. They excluded the old establishment, the Brent
Scowcrofts and that group. And they went in a very dangerous direction. He went
along with them, because there is no there there. There is no George W. Bush.
Here is a person who is totally disinterested in the world, uneducated. I'm not
saying he's stupid. I don't think he's stupid. He's crafty as hell, but he
projects well on television. And that's the real big problem. He is the perfect
"what, me worry?" president.

Amy Goodman: Well, Robert Scheer, I want to thank you for being
with us. Robert Scheer, columnist for many years, fired from the Los Angeles
Times, now writing at the San Francisco Chronicle, as well as at his website,
TruthDig. And his new book is called Playing President: My Close Encounters with
Nixon, Carter, Bush I, Reagan and Clinton, and How They Did Not Prepare Me for
George W. Bush.



This comment was frome the Huffington Post:

Bill Clinton: Dems Shouldn't Be Divided By Differences Over Iraq

Bill, love ya as we all do, you were wrong when you fibbed about letting Monica get on her knees and you're even more wrong now.We know full well why you're saying what you're saying (given that the Secret Service insured that your daughter would be jogging just blocks from the WTC on 9-11, and these are after all the same folks that tried to drop a heavy light on Hillary's head during a very public interview and pin it on CBS), but Bill, answer us this:If not the illegal, unwinnable, purely for profit, inept by design, planning, and implementation, moneyminting war in Iraq against innocent women and children, WHAT THEN?What the Hell else in God's cursed earth is worthy, in your opinion, of dividing the Democratic Party?It is UNTHINKABLE in the first place (other than mortal fear of Diebold and ES&S) that ANY DEMOCRAT would be supporting this DEBACLE, this foreign policy DISASTER that has turned the ENTIRE WORLD against the US and made the Stars and Stripes as universally reviled as the blood red Swastica banner of Nazi Germany. This is NOT an exaggeration, and YOU, above all people, KNOW IT.No, Bill, not only should this issue DIVIDE the Democratic Party, every single Democrat that supports this war, including your wife, should be kicked out on their asses, all the way to the doorstep of the GOP, WHERE THEY BELONG.Of course, with Diebold and ES&S "delivering" the vote to the Nazi one-war-Party GOP, THE EXACT OPPOSITE WILL HAPPEN. We KNOW this.But don't you dare, for a moment, blame it on the good people of this country who in good conscience VOTED NO ON THIS GODDAMNED ILLEGAL AND IMMORAL AND SUICIDAL WAR.If and when enough people do the right thing, Diebold and ES&S tallies will be exposed as the absolute fraud they are, and maybe then someone will DO SOMETHING ABOUT IT before there is a REVOLUTION and the Amerikan Tiannamen Square massacre in front of the White House.
By: WiseOne on July 12, 2006 at 03:51am









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