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ANN COULTER An Ensemble Of Pomp and Poop

anthropomorphic Of, relating to, or resembling human beings: • human • android • anthropoid • hominid • hominoid • humanoid • manlike • mortal
Coulter may also be chronicled as: Marked by brutality or depravity: • beastly • abusive • barbaric • barbarian • heartless • animalistic • bestial • brutal • brutish • cruel • monstrous • savage • depraved • fiendish


Did you see Coulter on the Today Show...??? Good grief what an ensemble of POMP AND POOP... Why do these networks give her credibility by allowing her on family shows with her incredible nonsensical jumble of words and malicious slandering of widows, babies, or anyone she doesn't agree with...

If there are any decent folks who claim "we like her and buy her books..." I've got news for you... YOU AINT DECENT!

We should all write NBC and tell them or better yet their sponsors that we refuse to buy their goods when these type of varmint are given air time.

Thanks to that appearance I am going to buy Greg Palast's book today, I hope you will do the same.
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Olbermann slams Coulter: Shameless

Olbermann: Honestly, if you were Ann Coulter's attorney at a sanity hearing where could you possibly start? Our #2 story on the Countdown, eclipsing even Bill O'Reilly and Malmedy, the Connecticut Screech has continued her assault on 9/11 widows. After calling them "witches who acted as if the terrorist attacks happened only to them" she has now told Reuters news that they are, quote, professional victims." All as part of the promotion of a book in which she claims *liberals* are, uote, "godless."

Let's return to *this* planet. To recap Coulter's argument: The wives of those who died in the
worst attack in this nation's history enjoyed their husband's deaths and profited off them, they have politicized 9/11, their positions as widows immunize them from any criticism or debate over their opinions. All of this stated by a commentator much of whose income in the last four and a
half years has derived from *her* speeches and writings about the deaths of those same men on 9/11. All this stated by a commentator who has staunchly, repeatedly, and enthusiastically defended an administration that began to politicize 9/11 within a month of the nightmare and has never paused for a moment since. All of this stated by a commentator who has called those who have criticized her and her party "un-American" and now, "godless." All of this stated by a commentator who is bitching that these 9/11 widows can't be criticized while she is writing a book and going on TV and venomously criticizing them.

Palast vs. Coulter - Battle of the Book begins today

click to go to INTERNET WEEKLY  siteTODAY, ANNE COULTER AND I BOTH LAUNCH OUR BOOKS -- hers to promote the latest flavor of hate and militant ignorance; mine -- 'Armed Madhouse: Who's Afraid of Osama Wolf?, The Scheme to Steal '08 and other Dispatches from the Front Lines of the Class War -- the investigations, first broadcast on BBC, simply banned from US airways and print. (There's no truth to the rumor Coulter chose to release her book on 06-06-06 in honor of her
father's birthday.)

I'm asking you to buy (or order) 'Armed Madhouse' THIS WEEK, right NOW in fact.

Why right now? Amazon and the industry have set up this Coulter vs. Palast 'launch week' as the Battle of The Books:
Can progressives match the forces of darkness (they call them "conservatives")?

Coulter has a million-dollar Right Wing campaign behind her -- thereby allowing her and other hate-salesmen to control the media and the national discussion. The Coulter crew buys and dumps massive amounts of books, buying her way onto the bestseller list. I have only you.

Asia Times says, "Greg Palast, the man widely considered as the top investigative journalist in the United States, is persona non grata in his own country's media." But it's not ME that's 'non grata,' it's the information about the Washington regime -- that is shut out of the Fox-ified press. They may not count ballots, but they sure as hell count sales. That's the blunt, ugly truth of it: that's how you get the attention of America's media.

Pick up Armed Madhouse this week at your local bookstore or through Amazon or Barnes and Noble You can get to these from my website

When my last book, The Best Democracy Money Can Buy, was released, you made it a bestseller and, that ended the silence over the theft of the 2000 vote. We broke through the electronic Berlin wall of the American media.

The new book out today, Armed Madhouse, details the fix of the 2004 election, the Bush Administration's confidential, and surprising, plans for Iraq's oil, the untold story of the destruction of New Orleans, the dark, misunderstood economics of the rise of the India-China colossus, Ken
Lay's unindicted co-conspirators and many more tales of the current regime you won't get on your nightly news.

Don't be fooled by the fact that the book is entertaining -- this is my most serious investigative reporting yet, connecting Venezuela's petrodollars, 3.6 million missing ballots, Thomas Friedman, Hurricane Katrina and, the death of General Motors and the Arnold Schwarzenegger's tawdry little gatherings with Ken Lay.

The full title is Armed Madhouse: Who's Afraid of Osama Wolf?, China Floats Bush Sinks, the Scheme to Steal '08, No Child's Behind Left and other Dispatches from the Front Lines of the Class War. Welcome to the world of militarized greed, where America's panic over lunatics with box-cutters has metastasized into a billion-dollar fear industry, where Republicans sucking on Super-Sized Slurpees hunt dark-skinned voters on 'caging lists' for elimination, and James Baker's fixer in alligator boots sets up the grab for Iraq's oil on her way to the rodeo. Plus 50 illustrations, including several marked "secret" by the State Department and a brilliant recipe for fish curry.

Hear excerpts from Armed Madhouse read by Amy Goodman, Randi Rhodes, Larry David, Janeane Garofalo and others at

Randi Rhodes calls it the "best investigative reporting in America -- and the funniest." And deadly serious at the same time. Please get their attention -- and get it today. Yes, this is a hard sell for this book -- and for good reason: I'm asked again and again, What can we DO? The answer is, we can't do anything until we're INFORMED. We can't prevent the theft of the '08 election until you know the crazy details of the theft of '04. We can't shield ourselves from economic slaughter until we have the hard, if hidden, facts of class conflict from the Sino-dollar panic to the privatization of hurricane planning. That's why I wrote this book: as a class war defense course.

And that's why Code Pink, Operation PUSH, Ohio Citizens for Secure Elections, Democracy for America affiliates and a score of other front-line organizations are sponsoring the Armed Madhouse book tour.

The ARMED MADHOUSE TOUR BEGINS TONIGHT. I will be traveling to twenty cities across the US to meet with you during teach-ins, which will expose economic piggery so deep and devious you'll just have to scream or cry - or laugh.

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