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G.W. Bush appears, in once again, THE THEATER OF THE ABSURD!

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It's not just back to the drawing board for medical scientists... It's back to the Dark Ages ...

(Dark Age n. 1. An era of repression and unenlightenment)

Yes, I mean back to the DARK AGES, since Bush vetoed funding for medical stem cell research to help the many human beings... the men, women, children and all the babies who have succumbed to direful fates because of some debilitating disease or accidental physical atrophy.

What is an Embryonic stem cell?

Joel Seligman in an article about VETOING STEM CELL RESEARCH AND HOW IT WILL HURT FAMILIES AND SCIENCE, explains it best:
"Embryonic stem cells have a unique ability to differentiate into any cell in the body and hold great promise for treating conditions affecting millions of Americans, including Alzheimer's, Parkinson's, spinal cord injury, juvenile diabetes, cancer, heart disease and many more."

I, in my lifetime, have witnessed numerous family members, suffer and die from these very afflictions. Mothers, fathers, sisters, brothers, aunts, uncles, cousins, all belonging to my particular bloodline (or that of my husband's), have been lost during the different years I've taken breath. Each, up and coming new year, is no longer a time of happiness and hope for me, it's a "I wonder whose turn it will be to get sick and die during this turnover of one year past and a new one's beginning?"

Today, 2006, is my sister Sarah's turn. She, several years ago was diagnosed with Hydrocephalus (water on the brain). A medical team inserted a shunt to allow drainage of the excess fluid from the brain area to her abdomen. After, Sarah's surgery she was quite visibly changed. Her motor movements became faltering and her speech was impeded but, at least, she was alive. So said the doctors: "if Sarah had waited any longer to see a physician she would have perished." It's painful to say, but this dire caveat from men of science denotes no joy.

Since then, she has steadily gone down hill. Now, she is at a point of no return
and must wear adult diapers and be waited on for all her hygienic needs. Not an
easy task for her 84 year old husband who has become her care provider. It is so
sad to see her wasting away in front of our eyes.... This woman who was once a vibrant contributing member of our family, is now reduced to a state of confounding infancy.

I visualize all the Sarah's of our society, ravaged by some disease and gradually declining. Without any hope for treatment, marking the days until death can free them from the misery they are embodied in.

It appears, our leader is more protective of the tiny clumps of cells, frozen and waiting for disposal then he is of existing living souls. It's hard for me to fathom his reasoning on this, it just makes no sense at all!

Mr Bush is also a member of a lineage, I guess it will have to strike him personally before he can see the light of day on his anti-scientific research position to stop funding (our money, by the way) the quests which would without a doubt, help and give hope to so many. The statistics, the Sarahs, who confront and bear the agony of pain and loss of dignity each minute, each hour, each and every day left in their unbearable lives.

I hate to wish anyone ill-will but all we can hope for now, is that one day a Sarah will be present in a G. W. Bush world, creating a "poetic justice" of sorts for his kind. Perhaps, when all cold hearted, illogical thinking is obliterated and replaced by reason, we may one day see an end to disease and the dawn of triumph over all the ills that strike the inhabitants of this Earth.

FROM THE PEN: Today is an important day. Today we can make a difference by telling them, as Gov. Dean has said, "Enough is Enough!" It's up to us.



"Imagine all the people sharing all the world, you may say I'm a dreamer but I'm
not the only one. I hope someday you'll join us and the world will be as one." - John Lennon


The War on Women -- and on Doctors

The South Dakota abortion ban and Bush's indefensible and morally obscene veto of the embryonic stem cell research bill are straight out of the Dark Ages, or worse.

I would have thought it would trouble those who still support Noble Leader's war allegedly fought on behalf of "Western civilization" that Bush and many of the current crop of Republicans are ultimately on the same side as our enemies. Of course, that would only be true if they were capable of coherent thought, and of understanding what the concepts of liberty and personal freedom actually mean.

Since we know they aren't, never mind.

UPDATE: Patrick Cockburn, one of the handful of genuinely superb foreign reporters, shines an unforgiving light on the immoral and sickening contradictions:

Medical researchers believe that stem cell research has the potential to change the face of human disease. A number of current treatments already exist, although the majority of them are not commonly used because they tend to be experimental and not very cost-effective. Medical researchers anticipate being able to use technologies derived from stem cell research to treat cancer, spinal cord injuries, and muscle damage, amongst a number of other diseases, impairments and conditions. However, there still exists a great deal of social and scientific uncertainty surrounding stem cell research, which could possibly be overcome by gaining the acceptance of the public and through years of intensive research.



OH THE HYPOCRISY!!! MORE ABSURDITIES FOR THE THEATER!!! Today in my yahoo email I spotted this headline...
Rice seeks 'urgent and enduring' peace
(click here to read)

How pathetic is this? They (the whole Bush cabal) started this mess... beginning in Iraq and festering across the Middle East and then this machination go flittering around like they are the peace makers... READ THIS STATEMENT FROM BUSH, the self appointed, agent provocateur of the Middle East:
"Israel has a right to defend herself," Bush said at a news conference with German Chancellor Angela Merkel. "Every nation must defend herself against terrorist attacks and the killing of innocent life." read more of this stunningly unabashed hypocrisy click here

Another good one from our friend Cindy,
Helplessly Hoping
By Cindy Sheehan

Robert Birnbaum: The American right wing—a phrase I never use—they so remind me of a character on Leave It to Beaver, Eddie Haskell. They do this nasty, underhanded stuff and then when someone does something like it, they are appalled that someone would do some nasty, underhanded stuff. It’s such bad form.

Hendrik Hertzberg: There is definitely a schoolyard bully aspect to this, and part of it is to do something mean to the other guy and then to be a tattletale and go to the teacher when you do it to them. Which, alas they, or I should say, we do not do it to them nearly enough. But we are learning. Click Here


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