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GESTAPO or Deja vu ALL OVER AGAIN! click here


I watched a documentary on the History Channel called The Gestapo, the other day and it sure made me see red (all over again) ...

The Nazi regime, without checks and balances, tried AND succeeded to get away with everything... Good grief, I was watching a Nazi Gestapo documentary and it felt like I was watching the history of the Bush Neo-con regime...

Little by little, with the blessing of the ignorant German populous, Hitler chipped away at the people's rights... And it wasn't overnight... With the use of lies and fear tactics they were able to totally take control of the masses... THEIR MINDS, THEIR LIVES and even THEIR SANITY!

Somehow, the Nazi's, with the help of the SS (Secret State Police) were able to make the people feel it was in their own behalf that cruel and UNUSUAL PUNISHMENTS be used... (Sound Familiar?)

The documentary reported that these small police organizations
could not ever have triumphed over the people without the help of the people... Snitcher's started coming out of the woodwork betraying and tattling on their fellow citizen
(even families turned on each other)... It was chilling.

I wish every single Dubya sycophant who still stands behind this American Neo-con regime could watch this documentary... Maybe then, they could see that what is happening today is just like the coined Yogi Berra phrase... DEJA VU ALL OVER AGAIN.

Saturday, August 5 @ 9pm ET/PT

The Nazis converted their country from a flawed democracy to a fascist dictatorship in which the rights of the individual were trampled in the interests of the state. Institutions and organizations were warped to serve this purpose, none more than the police. At first, it was the Storm Troopers of the SA, who beat, intimidated, and killed those who opposed the regime. But something more was needed than simple thuggery and the police were co-opted. The Gestapo, the Secret State Police, was the organization set up to perform this function. By reputation its network of black-clad officers spread everywhere; yet it was a small organization--at its height in 1941 there were only 8,000 officers. Program 1 shows the power struggle between the worst of Hitler's henchmen, Himmler and Heydrich on the one hand, and Göring on the other. And it introduces us to a mysterious figure, Heinrich Müller, a career policeman who became the ice-cold leader of the Gestapo.

With opposition quelled in Germany and the annexed territories of Austria and the Sudetenland, Hitler's plans could proceed. When the Nazis faked incidents at the border with Poland, it gave them the excuse to invade. And the Gestapo, the Secret State Police, was at the heart of it. The Gestapo's role changed from merely "protecting" the state from dissent to enabling its expansionist policies. As the Reich took over new territories, the Gestapo expanded its policies of seeking out enemies--dissenters, spies working for the Allies, and organized resistance. When security chief Heydrich was assassinated in Prague, the Gestapo carried out the brutal revenge. But it viewed its ultimate enemy as the Jew and death-squads, the Einsatzgruppen spent much time tracking them down and deporting them to the death camps. Hitler placed this task in the hands of the Gestapo, and the chief bureaucrat of the Holocaust, Adolf Eichmann, was Müller's special protégé.

By 1944 it was clear that the war was lost as the Reich shrank back to the borders of Germany. But there was plenty for the Gestapo to do. Even within the dwindling resources of a doomed regime, the Gestapo was determined to keep its grip on the people. They persecuted resistance members, the merely indifferent, "decadent" jazz musicians, and couples of mixed race. As with any corrupt system, they lost touch with reality, and its violence spiraled out of control even while in its own death throes. When the Stauffenberg plot to assassinate Hitler failed, the Gestapo was given a free hand. But amidst the bloodshed, many Gestapo officers prepared themselves for a future in a defeated Germany. Many were able to slip back into normal society at war's end and many prospered. Some were brought to justice: Eichmann in Israel in the 1960s, others in Germany, France, and elsewhere--some pursued into the 1970s. The Gestapo is long gone--but its crimes have not been forgotten.

If the authorities insist on the right to spy on our every move in public - they should not be immune
from reverse surveillance CLICK HERE

Criminalizing photography in the wake of a
recent arrest of a Philadelphia man for using
his cell phone camera to snap a picture
of the police
arresting an individual.

The people who would rule our lives in the most minute ways are now trying to stop picture-taking in public places. They are the ones who should be stopped. Citizen media tools are in the hands of just about everyone these days. If the authorities insist on the right to spy on our every move in public — witness the spread of video cameras operated by police agencies and private citizens alike — they should not be immune from reverse surveillance.


I was going to use this next article as a link to the "With the use of lies and fear tactics they were able to totally take control of the masses... THEIR MINDS, THEIR LIVES and even THEIR SANITY! " This is what Hitler did in Germany and is what the Bush Neo-cons are trying to do to the people in our country and elsewhere. It was so good, I had to post it, in its entirety, to today's blog. thinkingblue

This War Is Based On Denial
The Reality Beneath The

By Paul Craig Roberts


Americans who get their propaganda from Fox "News" or are told what to think by right-wing talk radio hosts are outraged at news reports that US troops planned and carried out the rape and murder of a young Iraqi woman. They are not outraged that the troops committed the deed; they are outraged that the media reported it. These "conservatives," who proudly wear their patriotism on their sleeves, dismiss the reports of the incident as a Big Lie floated by "the anti-American liberal media" in order to demoralize Americans and reduce public support for the war.

Playing to this audience, Col. Jeffrey Snow, a US brigade commander in Baghdad, told AFP News that news coverage could cause the US to lose the war. In other words, what we are doing in Iraq cannot stand the light of day, so reporters must not report or the word will get out.

Many Bush supporters believe that truth is not on our side and must be suppressed. Yet, they support a war that is too shameful to report.

I have made it clear in my columns that Bush supporters are not true conservatives. They are brownshirts with the same low intelligence and morals as Hitler's enthusiastic supporters. And they are just as resistant to facts.

It was not the "liberal media" but the investigating US military officials who told the Associated Press that the rape and murder of the young woman and her family appeared "totally premeditated," that the soldiers noticed the woman on their patrols and studied her and her family for a week before separating the woman from her family and raping her. After having their way with her, the soldiers murdered her and tried to burn her body with a flammable liquid in order to cover up their foul deed. The soldiers' coverup attempt also involved the murder of other members of the murdered rape victim's family, including a child.

The criminals were turned in by other US soldiers who knew of the monstrous crime. According to the Associated Press (USA Today, June 30, 2006), one of the soldiers has admitted his role in the rape and murder.

The soldiers cannot be said to be guilty until they are tried and found guilty. However, the US military usually attempts a cover-up of such incidents and only admits to the facts after the press gets hold of them. This time, however, the investigating officials themselves gave the story to the Associated Press.

Many Americans are so unsophisticated that they refuse to believe anything bad about their country. They regard acceptance of unpalatable truths as disloyalty. This failure of American character is why Bush has been able to get away with transgressions that scream out for his impeachment and trial as a war criminal.

The premeditated rape and murders are just the latest in the long line of horrific war crimes from Abu Ghraib to Haditha. Bush supporters are still in denial about each incident. It is amazing that Bush supporters think we have a John Wayne military when, according to news reports, recruitment problems have resulted in the military accepting felons, drug users, thugs, low IQ high school dropouts, and illegal Mexicans promised green cards for signing up. Apparently, the same people who make America's streets unsafe for Americans make Iraqi streets unsafe for Iraqis. In response to the declining caliber of new recruits, some of our best troops are refusing to reenlist. Several have written to me that "the Army has left them."

Whoever put out that propagandistic slogan, "support the troops," and the ribbon decals was a master propagandist. "Support the troops" means to deny the reality of the war and the behavior of the troops.

To this day the Bush regime and the neocon nazis have not told us the reason for their invasion of Iraq, the destruction of its towns and infrastructure, and the slaughter of its citizens. Every reason Bush has given has proved to be a lie.

There is no more reason for US troops to be shooting up Iraq than to be shooting up Canada, Scotland, Holland, Spain, Taiwan, Florida, Virginia or California. We are killing Iraqis for no other reason than that they resist our invasion and occupation of their country.

It is proof of the collapse of American morals and the fallen character of the American people that the American public and its elected representatives in Congress refuse to rein in the Bush regime and to hold it responsible for its monstrous crimes.

America has become a land of evil. The rest of the world hates and despises us. And we are going to pay a terrible price for it. Bush's belief that our superpower status makes us immune to the opinion of others goes beyond hubris into insanity.

Dr. Roberts is Chairman of the Institute for Political Economy and Research Fellow at the Independent Institute. He is a former associate editor of the Wall Street Journal, former contributing editor for National Review, and was Assistant Secretary of the Treasury in the Reagan administration. He is the co-author of The Tyranny of Good





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