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A CHAIN... oops," CHENEY LETTER to send friends.


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Dear Mr. Cheney, How dare you Mr. V.P. utter this statement: "Connecticut voters were supporting Al Qaeda." - Dick Cheney -

It is an outrageous, child-like tactic to use name-calling and condemnation of voters who vote their conscience instead of their neo-con inspired fears and it is downright stupid on your part, Mr. Cheney.

Most of us know that the preemptive war in Iraq has made us less safe, those who do not agree, must be living in a vacuum. You and your Neo-con pals took away our national security when you sent troops overseas to fight this unnecessary war, rendering us vulnerable to disasters both natural and manmade.

You Mr. Cheney, Bush and the rest of your neo-con cabal are running out of
time and will do ANYTHING to reignite your power position. You cannot believe that people are starting to wake up from your lullaby of lies that hypnotized so many for so long, far too long.

Your foreign policy of preemptive war is a proven disaster; No matter what we do in Iraq we are losers. America has lost so much respect under your regime and we may never recover. And still, you threaten, lie and mudsling. This in itself shows there is no vision inside your neoconservative camp.

What is most puzzling to me though, is, WHAT DO YOU WIN WHEN YOU ACHIEVE THIS ABSOLUTE POWER AND WEALTH POSITION, YOU SO VORACIOUSLY PURSUE? You only have a short life like the rest of us, so you can't live any longer then your allotted time. Also, you can't as the old saying goes, TAKE IT WITH YOU. It's so perplexing how you can live in a world with 6 billion plus, of your own species and feel you are above them all. The only answer I can come up with is, you must not be of sound mind and that along with no vision makes you a very dangerous individual.

It is time for a change. It is time for hope. It is time to bring back sanity. Hopefully, you will no longer be able to use fear to get what you want because people have been alerted to the fact, that what you want is absolute power under any circumstance, pure and simple; And you Mr. Cheney, do not care what or who you hurt.

Our democracy, our Nation needs protecting from the likes of you Mr. Cheney and all your neo-con friends. You have wrecked havoc with our way of life and must be stopped before it is too late. Wake up America and vote your moral and ethical newly founded awareness! Neo-cons BEGONE or the Earth and all of its life will BE GONE! thinkingblue



Dear thinkingblue,

There are 146,587 terrorist supporters living in the state of Connecticut according to Vice President Dick Cheney -- the number of Ned Lamont voters.

He claims they're encouraging "the Al Qaida" types who want to "break the will of the American people in terms of our ability to stay in the fight and complete the task" in Iraq.

Cheney's gone too far. His disgraceful declaration of war on Ned Lamont supporters is an attack not just on Democrats, but on democracy itself.

We can't stand by while Republicans like Cheney slander the people of Connecticut and millions of other Americans nationwide who are showing up at the polls to reject the failed record of the Bush Administration.

I thought you might like the opportunity to send your own message to the Vice President. You can send it here:

Cheney wants people to believe that anyone who questions the Bush Administration's misguided policies is in cahoots with the terrorists.

But the facts are clear.

The Administration's extremist agenda has drained our resources and stretched our troops. This made the war on terrorism hard to win and made America more hated in the world.

The American people want more than vicious fear-mongering from our leaders. They want realistic policies, accountability for failures, and -- most of all -- a new direction for America.

It's time for Dick Cheney to admit he went too far. Demand that the vice president apologize for his offensive remarks:

Let's recognize a few truths: Lamont voters did not allow Osama bin Laden to escape in the mountains of Afghanistan.

Lamont voters did not mislead the American people into war with Iraq.

Lamont voters did not refuse to admit their mistakes. They did not vow to
"stay the course" while more and more Americans die and Iraq descends into civil war.

Dick Cheney and Republicans of his ilk disrespect the very nature of our
democracy when the results are inconvenient for them. But despite this unprecedented grab for executive power, they don't have the ability to decide elections.

The vote in Connecticut proves that free and open elections still exist-- and millions of Democrats around the country are ready to go to the ballot box in the coming months and put America back on track.

Thank you for you support.


Senator Edward M. Kennedy


The al-Qaeda Types

By: Jayne Lyn Stahl

Nobody ever accused this vice president of being liberal, but he's sure liberal with his language. On Wednesday, he chose to put his own personal spin on Ned Lamont's victory over incumbent Joe Lieberman. According to the Associated Press, Dick Cheney claimed that a win by the Democratic challenger will only serve to embolden and inspire "the al-Qaida types" who want to "break the will of the American people in terms of our ability to stay in the fight and complete the task." One obvious question for Mr. Cheney is--what is an "al Qaida type," and what does he, or she, look like? Do they have any distinguishing characteristics? A birth mark on the forehead, perhaps, as with that biblical chap, Cain? A double chin? Are they Arabs? Israelis? Asians? Exclusively, or predominately? Also, might we expect to find an "al Qaida-type" lounging in a pair of Blahniks, or in Calvin Klein boxer shorts? And, where? In a five star hotel in Beverly Hills, or maybe in what remains of a five star hotel in Beirut or Baghdad? Maybe even in a college dormitory in Berkeley, or, better still, might we expect to see one shopping for lingerie in Target, or Victoria's Secret? Oh, and while we're at it, why not ask the esteemed vice president what a "dissenter" looks like, and if, at some point, they too might be misconstrued as an "al-Qaida type"?

More importantly, when Mr. Cheney sugests that the "will of the American people" might be broken by those who question his vision, and that of the commander-in-chief, as to how best to prevent future terror attacks on our soil, is the default position one that suggests expressing opposing viewpoints compromises our national security? To the contrary, the inability to contradict official governmental policy is antithetical to everything the framers of the Bill of Rights intended.

And, which "fight," in particular, is this vice president so intent in staying in, and which "task" is he so consumed with completing? Can it be the task of rebuilding Iraq for which his Halliburton, and other Fortune 500 American contractors, are destined to make billions? Very impressive phrase, "al Qaida types;" it seems Mr. Cheney missed his calling; he should have been a casting director.
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For all their grandstanding about freedom and democracy these guys are willing to tear the very foundation of democracy apart for their political power hungry ambitions.

Cheney's comments only reflect his New American Century point of view. If anything it shows his total disregard for the importance of his job and American democracy. He should worry less about Lieberman and focus more on fighting the war on terror. He still has a lot to learn about human existence. Remember, he didn't quit smoking until after his THIRD heart attack. Says it all right there.

By: iraflowers on August 13, 2006 at 10:36pm

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