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Big Brother's Superhighway Acommin' Through

Big Brother's Superhighway Acommin' Through!

The below article was written in June but this is the first I've heard of it
! The sneaks in the Whitehouse are at it again plotting and planning their next sneak attack on our liberties and the constitution. Doesn't matter how low their ratings go, nothing, NOT ONE THING is going to stop them on their quest to conquer this lonely planet of ours.

The Bush Neo-cons, are secretively at the drawing board planning a super corridor right through the heart of our America. And I might add... without the knowledge of WE THE PEOPLE!

Under the IMMINENT DOMAIN which the Justices on the Supreme Court ruled that Property Seizures were legal, in a 5 to 4 decision for BUSH INC. Our properties CAN PRACTICALLY BE STOLEN by the government, all in the name of GLOBAL progress. (I'm sure this highway was at the heart of that ruling) ...

It will be called the NORTH AMERICA FREE TRADE AGREEMENT or NAFTA Super Highway and it will be open to truckers (not unionized) to haul freight from the Far East, entering the U.S. through the Mexican port of Lazaro Cardenas. It is already in the works and Mums The Word from Bush & Neo-con incorporated. (and so far the mainstream media is silent as well)

So what else is new, we do not live in an open society any longer, who knows what other plans are being mapped out against our freedoms and for the ALMIGHTY CORPORATE WORLD.

"Who knows what evil lurks in the hearts of men? The Shadow knows!"

PS: Thanks to my friend Judy for sending me this information to share with whomever may stumble across my blog. Here is an excerpt from her email:
I got this off a conservative website called Human Events, but it is the only thing I have seen other than Alex Jones talking about the NAFTA Super Highway system to run from down in Mexico, through Texas and on through the middle of the US to Canada to "facilitate trade." Alex Jones says you will have some sort of device in your car so that you can be tracked the whole time you are on it and will be SENT A BILL for using it that could amount to hundreds of dollars a month, if you regularly need to travel on the road! He says the IMMINENT DOMAIN ruling of
the Supreme Court in this past year is "pre-emptive" to allow the states the
largest land grab in the history of the nation, to offer people a pittance of what their land is worth and if they refuse, it will just be taken - all in accordance with the ruling! This is from Human Events site, describing the road - which my daughter, says is what all the construction that is going on around Austin RIGHT NOW is all about! This stuff is getting scary and it is not just the FUTURE, but it is NOW! judy


Bush Administration Quietly Plans NAFTA Super Highway

Jerome R. Corsi / Human Events June 14 2006


Quietly but systematically, the Bush Administration is advancing the plan to build a huge NAFTA Super Highway, four football-fields-wide, through the heart of the U.S. along Interstate 35, from the Mexican border at Laredo, Tex., to the Canadian border north of Duluth, Minn.

Once complete, the new road will allow containers from the Far East to enter the United States through the Mexican port of Lazaro Cardenas, bypassing the Longshoreman’s Union in the process. The Mexican trucks, without the involvement of the Teamsters Union, will drive on what will be the nation’s most modern highway straight into the heart of America. The Mexican trucks will cross border in FAST lanes,checked only electronically by the new “SENTRI” system. The first customs stop will be a Mexican customs office in Kansas City, their new Smart Port complex, a facility being built for Mexico at a cost of $3 million to the U.S. taxpayers in Kansas City.

As incredible as this plan may seem to some readers, the first Trans-Texas Corridor segment of the NAFTA Super Highway is ready to begin construction next year. Various U.S. government agencies, dozens of state agencies, and scores of private NGOs (non-governmental
organizations) have been working behind the scenes to create the NAFTA Super Highway, despite the lack of comment on the plan by President Bush. The American public is largely asleep to this key piece of the coming “North American Union” that government planners in the new trilateral region of United States, Canada and Mexico are about to drive into reality.

Just examine the following websites to get a feel for the magnitude of NAFTA Super Highway planning that has been going on without any new congressional legislation directly authorizing the construction of the planned international corridor through the center of the country.

NASCO, the North America SuperCorridor Coalition Inc., is a “non-profit organization dedicated to developing the world’s first international, integrated and secure, multi-modal transportation
system along the International Mid-Continent Trade and Transportation Corridor to improve both the trade competitiveness and quality of life in North America.” Where does that sentence say anything about the USA? Still, NASCO has received $2.5 million in earmarks from the U.S. Department of Transportation to plan the NAFTA Super Highway as a 10-lane limited-access road (five lanes in each direction) plus passenger and freight rail lines running alongside pipelines laid for oil and natural gas. One glance at the map of the NAFTA Super Highway on the front page of the NASCO website will make clear that the design is to connect Mexico, Canada, and the U.S. into one transportation system.

Kansas City SmartPort Inc. is an “investor based organization supported by the public and private sector” to create the key hub on the NAFTA Super Highway. At the Kansas City SmartPort, the containers from the Far East can be transferred to trucks going east and west, dramatically reducing the ground transportation time dropping the containers off in Los Angeles or Long Beach involves for most of the country. A brochure on the SmartPort website describes the plan in glowing terms: “For those who live in Kansas City, the idea of receiving containers nonstop from the Far East by way of Mexico may sound unlikely, but later this month that seemingly far-fetched notion will become a reality.”

The U.S. government has housed within the Department of Commerce (DOC) an “SPP office” that is dedicated to organizing the many working groups laboring within the executive branches of the U.S., Mexico and Canada to create the regulatory reality for the Security and Prosperity Partnership. The SPP agreement was signed by Bush, President Vicente Fox, and then-Prime Minister Paul Martin in Waco, Tex., on March 23, 2005. According to the DOC website, a U.S.-Mexico Joint Working Committee on Transportation Planning has finalized a plan such that “(m)ethods for detecting bottlenecks on the U.S.-Mexico border will be developed and low cost/high impact projects identified in bottleneck studies will be constructed or implemented.” The report notes that new SENTRI travel lanes on the Mexican border will be constructed this year. The border at Laredo should be reduced to an electronic speed bump for the Mexican trucks containing goods from the Far East to enter the U.S. on their way to the Kansas City SmartPort.

The Texas Department of Transportation (TxDOT) is overseeing the Trans-Texas Corridor (TTC) as the first leg of the NAFTA Super Highway. A 4,000-page environmental impact statement has already been completed and public hearings are scheduled for five weeks, beginning next month, in July 2006. The billions involved will be provided by a foreign company, Cintra Concessions de Infraestructuras de Transporte, S.A. of Spain. As a consequence, the TTC will be privately operated, leased to the Cintra consortium to be operated as a toll-road.

The details of the NAFTA Super Highway are hidden in plan view. Still, Bush has not given speeches to bring the NAFTA Super Highway plans to the full attention of the American public. Missing in the move toward creating a North American Union is the robust public debate that preceded the decision to form the European Union. All this may be for calculated political reasons on the part of the Bush Administration.

A good reason Bush does not want to secure the border with Mexico may be that the administration is trying to create express lanes for Mexican trucks to bring containers with cheap Far East goods into the heart of the U.S., all without the involvement of any U.S. union workers on the docks or in the trucks.


And here is another small article about this secret highway: thinkingblue

click to go to article on ftaaimc.orgNAFTA Super Highway Raises Environmental, Trade Concerns

A little-known project of the Bush Administration may have substantial ramifications for the future of the North American continent. According to the conservative news weekly Human Events, Canada, Mexico, and the United States have signed a trilateral agreement under the North American Free Trade Agreement (NAFTA) to begin constructing a 10-lane “super highway” from Mexico to Canada as early as 2007. The limited-access road and rail line, to be built along Interstate 35, would allow shippers to transport goods that arrive at the Mexican port of Lazaro Cardenas directly to a Kansas City, Missouri, customs stop and eventually on to Canada.

The planned super highway raises potential environmental, security, and trade risks. The Texas Department of Transportation has released an environmental impact statement on the project, but some experts fear that insufficient attention is being paid to possible environmental implications, including increased air and noise pollution and the disruption of wildlife habitat. There is also concern that the new corridor will create security risks by further opening the U.S.-Mexican border to terrorists.

According to State of the World 2006 contributor Aaron Cosbey, international trade organizations are moving towards promoting the simultaneous goals of environmental, economic, and social progress. But, says Cosbey, organizations with cross-border mandates, such as NAFTA, the World Trade Organization, the World Bank, and United Nations agencies, will need to work together to ensure that economics is not the only factor determining trade policy.

This story was produced by Eye on Earth, a joint project of the Worldwatch Institute and the blue moon fund.


On, December 29th 2005, a group of activists came through
Nashville to speak about the construction of Interstate 69. Interstate 69 is a
new proposed highway being built that plans to extend from the Canadian border
at Port Huron, Michigan across the United States to end at the Mexican border in
the Lower Rio Grande Valley. The new interstate has been described as a "North
American trade route," "international trade route," and a "NAFTA corridor." The
Federal Highway Administration has adopted this statement of overall purpose to
the new highway:

According to a post on Michigan IMC, on Saturday June 4,

24 people were arrested at the Indianapolis State Capitol
protesting plans for the construction of the I69 NAFTA superhighway. Reportedly,at about 2pm, a crowd of 50 people representing several groups joined Roadblock Earth First and converged on the Indianapolis state capitol. After a short time demonstrating, police surrounded and attacked the protesters. One young woman was shot with a Taser, another was pepper-sprayed and suffered an asthma attack. Many were reportedly wrestled to the ground, handcuffed to each other behind their backs and left in the sun for hours without being processed or informed of
their charges. Local Massasauga Earth First!ers are among those arrested as were
two people from Michigan. According to the IMC post, the police did not issue an
order to disperse before arresting people. The people arrested were charged with
disorderly conduct while the woman who was shot with the Taser gun was charged
with battery on a police officer and resisting arrest.


One economist points to Route 66,

perhaps America’s most famous highway, as an example of what possibly to expect. Towns and communities once thrived along the historic highway. But when Route 66 succumbed to the
interstate system, "a lot of those towns withered away," said Joselito Estrada,
a former assistant professor of economics at the University of Texas-Brownsville
and Texas Southmost College.


The class wars will forever be fought, as long as there are poor people
who out number the wealthy by a wide margin (so wide I can't even find statistics on it... like a dirty little secret those in the know want to hide) oh, it will be disguised for sure, with different monikers like WAR ON
, DRUGS, or CRIME but rest assure it is all part of the same so called "WAR". The rich like W. Bush DON'T ONLY CARE ABOUT BLACK PEOPLE... They HATE Poor People... The hatred so deep they even have the audacity to
blame the poor for being poor
... HUH? I had to include this next article
from Greg Palast, in today's post... Greg puts the words out there that can make you realize... Yeah, Holy cow, that is exactly what's going on! And equipped with that insight maybe we can start to change things... thanks Greg, thinkingblue


in New Orleans.August 24, 2006What is the unreported cause of the majority of the 2,000 deaths that occurred after the levees broke last year on August 29? Catch Greg Palast's investigative exposé this Monday on Amy Goodman's Democracy Now! And on Tuesday, watch his one-hour Special on LinkTV. Listings at

The Year the Levees Broke

America went through a terrible year. The levees broke in New Orleans. When bodies floated in the streets, the Republican Congress saw an opportunity for more tax cuts and consolidation of the corporatopia they had created for their moneyed donors. The Democratic Party was clueless, written off, politically at death's door.

The year was 1927.Back then, when the levees broke, America awoke. Public anger rose in a floodtide, and in that year, the USA entered its most revolutionary period since 1776. The thirty-four-year-old utility commissioner of Louisiana, Huey P. Long, conceived of a plan to rebuild his state based on a radical program of redistributing wealth and power. The ambitious Governor of New York, Franklin D. Roosevelt, adopted it, and later named it The New Deal. America got rich and licked Hitler. It was our century.

It's 1927 again.

But this time, the Haves and Have-Mores have something better for you than a New Deal. They are offering "opportunity" -- a lottery ticket instead of a guarantee. Like double-or-nothing in the stock market instead of Social Security -- will the suckers go for it? There's one born every minute. I can't believe they're the majority, but at last count, they numbered over 59 million. And they vote.

Years from now, in Guantánamo or in a refugee relocation "Enterprise Zone," your kids will ask you, "What did you do in the Class War, Daddy?" We may have to admit that conquest and occupation happened before we could fire off a shot.

The trick of class war is not to let the victims know they're under attack. That's how, little by little, the owners of the planet take away what little we have.

On Tuesday, your President, George W. Bush, will return to New Orleans, on the anniversary of the levee breach.

There is nothing new under the sun. A Republican president going for the photo op as the Mississippi rolls over New Orleans. It was 1927, and President Calvin Coolidge sent Commerce Secretary Herbert Hoover, "a little fat man with a notebook in his hand," who mugged for the cameras and promised to build the city a wall of protection. They had their photos taken. Then they left to play golf with Ken Lay or, rather, the Ken Lay railroad baron equivalent of his day.

In 1927, the Democratic Party had died and was awaiting burial.

As The Depression approached, the coma-Dems, like Franklin Roosevelt, called for, of all things, balancing the budget.

Then, as the Mississippi waters rose, one politician, the state's electricity regulator, stood up on the back of a flatbed truck rigged with loudspeakers, and said, roughly,

"Listen up! They're lying! The President's lying! The rich fat jackals that are drowning you will do it again and again and again. They lead you into imperialist wars for profit, they take away your schools and your hope, and when you complain, they blame Blacks and Jews and immigrants. Then they drown your kids. I say, Kick'm in the ass and take your share of the wealth you created."

Huey Long was our Hugo Chávez, and he laid out a plan: a progressive income tax, real money for education, public works to rebuild Louisiana and America, Social Security old age pensions, veterans benefits, regulation of the big utility holding companies, an end to what he called, "rich men's wars," and an end to the financial royalism of the elite One Percent.

Huey Long even had the audacity to suggest that the poor's votes should count, calling for the end to the poll tax four decades before Martin Luther King succeeded in ending it. Long recorded his motto as a musical anthem: "Everyman a King." The waters receded, the anger did not, and, in 1928, Huey "Kingfish" Long was elected Governor of Louisiana.

At the time, Louisiana schools were free, but not the textbooks. The elite liked it that way, but Long didn't. To pay for the books, the Kingfish levied a special tax on Big Oil. But the oil companies refused to pay for the textbooks. Governor Long then ordered the National Guard to seize the oil fields in the Delta.

It was Huey Long who established the principle that a government of the people must protect the people, school them, build the infrastructure, regulate industry and share the nation's wealth -- and that meant facing down "the concentrations of monopoly power" of the corporate aristocracy -- "the thieves of Wall Street," as he called them.

In other words, Huey Long founded the modern Democratic Party.

FDR and the party establishment, scared witless of Long's ineluctable march to the White House, adopted his program, albeit diluted, called it the New Deal and later the New Frontier and the Great Society. America and the party prospered.

What happened to the Kingfish? The oil industry and local oligarchs had few options for responding to Governor Long's populist appeal and the success of his egalitarian economic program. On September 8, 1935, Huey Long, by then a U.S. Senator,was shot dead. He was 42.

It's 1927 again.


Excerpted from Greg Palast's just-released New York Times bestseller, "ARMED MADHOUSE: Who's Afraid of Osama Wolf?, China Floats Bush Sinks, the Scheme to Steal '08, No Child's Behind Left and other Dispatches from the Front Lines of the Class War." Go to

1.3 billion people living today on less than a dollar a day.
- Half the world’s population lives on two dollars a day,
and 800 million people are malnourished in developing countries.
- 1.3 billion people who have no clean water.
- Two billion people have no sanitation.
- Two billion have no electricity.
- Almost 1.5 billion people have dangerous outdoor air pollution,
and probably 2 to 2.5 billion are exposed to dangerous indoor air pollution
or vector (insect)-borne diseases.
Many live in areas of civil strife and are vulnerable to natural disasters.








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