Thursday, August 22, 2013

Critical Thinking In A Place You Won’t Believe!

Leave it to Stephen Colbert to find a little depressed town where the people are not very educated, not at all sophisticated and certainly could not ever (even minuscule) have any understanding about what Critically Thinking is all about.
You would believe at first glance, if you stumbled in to a little community called Vicco that this was to be true but, Colbert found Vicco Kentucky (yes Kentucky, the same place that elected the likes of Rand Paul) to be a place where Critical Thinking and open-mindedness have become a pastime.  Here is a must see video about the town of Vicco, Ky., where the citizenry defies the local yokel preacher and THINKS plus REASONS with an open mind that will boggle yours. Enjoy! Thinkingblue

The Colbert Report
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