Sunday, August 04, 2013

The Crook Who Stole Mail Delivery

Door-to-door mail delivery by the Postal Service could soon be put on the chopping block as House lawmakers look for services to cut in order to help the floundering independent agency stay afloat.
In a bill introduced by Rep. Darrell Issa (R-Calif.) earlier this month, he proposes an alternate centralized delivery system, which would transition away from the traditional door-to-door practices that allow many Americans to receive mail directly at their residences. Taking input from patrons and local officials, the bill says the Postal Service would be tasked with establishing new delivery points where groups of people would have their mail delivered.
The latest effort to reform the Postal Service has already been met with opposition. Cliff Guffey, president of American Postal Workers Union, released a statement this week saying that the bill would have a "devastating effect" on postal workers and the agency's patrons. Guffey claimed the legislation fell short on issues of collective bargaining issues and service standards.

Darrell Issa is worse than the Grinch stealing presents because without door-to-door delivery, how are all those on-line toy orders, going to get delivered to all the good little children's homes in time for Christmas.
Huh, huh, Mr. Issa, tell us that won’t you?
PS: And let us not forget Mr. Issa, the children's letters to Santa but you don't care about that!

Subject: I just signed this petition — will you join me? Rep. Darrell Issa is trying to pass a bill that would not only end Saturday delivery by the postal service, but also door-to-door mail service for millions. We must stop this outrageous attempt to kill the USPS and hand its business to FedEx and UPS. Click the link below:

First, I must say... I DO NOT like Darrell Issa, he and Rick Scott need to go the way of the DODO! Also reading about Issa's criminal past (and Rick Scott’s) makes me wonder when George Zimmerman plans to run for office on the GOP TICKET! Why not, it can happen, for sure, one more criminal won't matter to the Republicans. thinkingblue
Why do ordinary, law abiding citizens vote for these criminals?

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