Tuesday, July 30, 2013

War On Cancer

It’s about time!
I have been saying this for years... There is way too much emphasis by the medical community, on the screening and treatment of cancer. I lay it at the door of greed but maybe it has something to do with the alarmism practitioners’ practice, which gives them an All Knowing Power over our lives. We thus live in fear between physicals, afraid not to go for that yearly event that they guilt us into. Afraid that we will find out that we may be faced with our mortality a little too soon for our liking.  I know of a woman who went for her ‘yearly’ medical ritual and was told she had developed lung cancer. I don’t know what else her physician told her about this prognosis, but I’m sure it had overtones of the medical torture that lay ahead for her. She went home overwhelmed with apprehension, so crushing that she had a stroke and died shortly after.  I wonder how many others had succumbed to such a fate.  In this society, we give far too much power to those who brand themselves The Experts. We really need to start acting like adults and not frightened little children when it comes to sickness and death. Please watch the NBC video. thinkingblue

PS: The Experts can't touch me with their Fear Wand but when I had small children I was vulnerable. I lived with (Doctor Induced) phobias that if one of my children came down with the sniffles they would surely die if I didn't get them to the doctor and get them on a prescription of antibiotic. I raised them on the stuff, until it became known that the "family" pediatricians were prescribing antibiotics for all colds (which are viral infections) for no good reason, except that it helped line their pockets and it did more harm than good because it created the Superbug that became resistant to these miracle drugs due to over prescribing.
Read about it here: Health & Science- Why Doctors Uselessly Prescribe Antibiotics for a Common Cold - (Half of all prescriptions are written for respiratory ailments that aren't going to be helped by a drug)

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