Saturday, July 13, 2013

Florida literally gave George Zimmerman license (to kill)

to make up neighborhood threats and invite violent confrontations, confident in the knowledge that he carried more firepower jammed down his sweaty fat waistband than every army on earth beheld before 1415.
I wish I were a better person than that, but I'm not. People come up short all the time, after all. I suppose it's a good thing I don't have a gun.
Gawker contributor Adam Weinstein is a Florida-based writer and editor. You can reach him via
I came across this article today with an alarming image linked to it. I don't believe this picture was ever produced during the Trayvon Martin Murder trial, at least not on any of the media coverage. It's a very sad picture and at the same time daunting, if not chilling. When I look at the picture I see a scenario that should not have happened. A tall teenager, who was in existence moments before, laying on the ground, shot dead for reasons that only a very angry man, who saw himself as some kind of defender of justice, could perhaps tell us WHY. No doubt Zimmerman had convoluted reasons conjured up by the state (government) he lived in that passed laws which could only culminate in something as tragic as a murder of a young innocent, (using a Concealed Carry -law- and Stand Your Ground -law-) by a vigilante named George Zimmerman bearing a “LEGAL” (word should be ‘lethal’) WEAPON.  These laws are cockamamie and in reality should be called A LICENSE TO KILL ANYONE WHO ANNOYS YOU, LAWS!  Ya think? A very disgusted and outraged, thinkingblue
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