Saturday, June 29, 2013

Ayn Rand vs. Jesus Debate

Again, today on Facebook, an image that sparked an interesting (critical thinking) debate was posted. On face value (no pun intended) we all conjure up some kind of readymade thought when we think of these two human figures. Not too many of us hoi polloi get to escape the indoctrination we are bombarded with the minute we come out of the uterus and into existence. So whenever an automatic response pops out from within our brain cells, we should all STOP, and analyze it first before the POP goes verbal. thinkingblue
Both historical eccentrics have been recorded as having somewhat practical philosophies, although sometimes opposite of one another… Here is a vintage video of Ayn Rand’s appearance on Johnny Carson in 1967. Too bad there is not a video of the man called Jesus verbalizing his philosophy in real time. All his quotes have been manipulated by man, to the point that if he did exist, his own words have all been replaced with propaganda that is solely intended to control the masses.  

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