Saturday, August 03, 2013

The World of the Republican, Where...

Bears Would Compete With People for Dumpster Food

Oblivious to human suffering, House GOP wants to cut $40 billion in food stamps

A bear is caught on camera standing on its hind legs and pushing a large bin filled with leftovers from a restaurant car park.
The hungry bear better watch out because if the Republicans get their way... Millions of people who will no longer get food assistance from the government will be doing what this bear is doing in order to feed their children.
Come-on folks it can’t get any more appalling than this, can it? Watch the video, where a Republican, Reed Ribble, argues with Sister Simone Campbell (A Catholic Nun) singing the same old worn-out Republican melody for those seeking government assistance: You’re on your own (SISTER)!
Oh, you still say you will vote for these selfish and cruel ‘R’ people; if so you are one of them. Don’t you dare call yourself a Christian! thinkingblue
PS: I have a question for the Republicans, who would be giving to these charities that feed the children when you are so determined to do away with the middle-class. Surely, you don’t believe the wealthy will take over!
House Republicans will apparently attempt to send the $40 billion in food stamp cuts to the Senate as the two chambers work to pass a farm bill. Obviously, there is no way the Senate will pass $40 billion in cuts, nor would President Obama sign it. But Republicans will definitely put up a fight to make as many Americans hungry as they possibly can. Whether you’re a working mother who relies on welfare, a child who gets nutrition from food stamps, or a Catholic nun, some Republican lawmakers apparently have the same refrain for those seeking government assistance: You’re on your own.

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