Tuesday, August 20, 2013

The Internet A Place For Murder

This is a riveting story about a serial killer in modern times, who used The Internet as a place for murder. It may not at first appear to be political in nature but it is. With the downturn of the American Economy and the effort to eradicate the middle-class (by wealthy conservative groups), people without steady incomes or those who are underemployed have become vulnerable and fall prey to a monster who will roam the World Wide Web in search of their next victim? Although incredible, this is but one story of many (I am sure) in this new era of greed.  thinkingblue

Still, he couldn’t survive without a steady income. Perhaps that’s when the idea came to him. The Geiger killing had gone so smoothly that he could turn it into a career of sorts, preying on other men who’d fallen out of the economy.
Instead of trolling the shelters, as he’d done to find Geiger, Beasley came up with the strategy of placing an ad on Craigslist. After all, he didn’t want his victims to be completely down and out. He needed men on the margins, yes, but not so marginal that they didn’t have some possessions worth killing for: a truck or a TV or a computer or even a motorcycle.
I was initially drawn to the story of the Beasley murders because I thought it would illuminate the isolation and vulnerability of so many working-class men, who have been pushed by the faltering economy from one way of life—a nine-to-five job, a wife, children—into another, far more precarious one: unemployed or underemployed, single or divorced, crashing on relatives’ spare beds or in the backseats of cars. At what other moment in history would it have been plausible for a serial killer to identify middle-aged white men as his most vulnerable targets? - Hanna Rosin


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