Thursday, September 15, 2011

Ron Paul's Libertarian Mantra "I'm Not My Brother's Keeper"

But congressman (Ron Paul), are you saying that society should just let him die? (Tea Party crowd screams YES!)

I am completely puzzled by the Ron Paul “Movement” or better put “The Libertarian Ayn Rand Momentum” of WE ARE ONLY RESPONSIBLE FOR OURSELVES let those of us who may suffer EAT CAKE!

Oh, old Ron Paul walks a good walk and talks a good talk about how this world would be so much better if Government hardly existed. He touts the goodies of BOOTSTRAPS and preaches the old libertarian mantra of “free enterprise, private property, and limited government” which sounds so good to the layman’s ear but in essence NO GOVERNMENT and PULL YOURSELF UP BY YOUR BOOTSTRAPS does not work.

We humans as individuals or as groups are not a ONE SIZE FITS ALL. We are not all born into a privileged society that sports equal playing fields. If we were the Ron Pauls of this world would be correct in their childlike assumption that anyone who finds themselves in a ROCK BOTTOM situation has no one to blame but THYSELF.

I have to ask… WHAT IS WRONG WITH THESE PEOPLE? How can they close their eyes to the obscene suffering so many of our fellow human beings are subjected to? The abject poverty, birth defects, diseases, old age, orphaned, abandoned or abused children that are readily all around for them to see. How in the world can they rationalize the plights of just being born human? It appears (to me anyhow) that they want the human race to topple from its ivory tower at the top of the food-chain and assimilate back into the lower part of this harrowing chain where it’s Survival Of The Fittest all the way.

Below is a quote from our president that sums it all up so eloquently:

“If there's a child on the south side of Chicago who can't read, that matters to me, even if it's not my child. If there's a senior citizen somewhere who can't pay for their prescription, who has to choose between medicine and the rent, that makes my life poorer - even if it's not my grandparent. If there's an Arab-American or Mexican-American family being rounded up by John Ashcroft without benefit of an attorney or due process, I know that that threatens my civil liberties. And I don't have to be a woman to be concerned that the Supreme Court is trying to take away a woman's right, because I know that my rights are next. It is that fundamental belief - I am my brother’s keeper, I am my sister’s keeper - that makes this country work.”
-- Barack Obama--

So Ron Paul your statement of “That is what freedom is all about and taking your own risks. This whole idea that you have to take care of everyone…”... is not only cruel, IT'S SENSELESS (if not totally daffy)!

Little Green Footballs characterized it like this: “A memorable moment from tonight’s GOP debate: thunderous applause for Ron Paul’s call to let people without private health insurance die.”

We live in a time of dangerous thinking from dangerous minds. We must all fight this type of STINKING THINKING and make sure we who believe WE ARE ALL IN THIS TOGETHER, get out there and use the only tool available to us and VOTE! thinkingblue

The Tea Party and Ron Paul Cheer for the Uninsured to Die
September 12, 2011
By Robert Sobel

During the Tea Party debate, a question was asked to Libertarian favorite, Ron Paul. Ron Paul was asked if an uninsured 30 year old has a serious accident, who would pay for treatment under your health plan? Paul tried to run around the question and claim that the uninsured would want the government to pay if they wanted a socialist system, but then he finally got to his real answer.

Ron Paul: That is what freedom is all about and taking your own risks. This whole idea that you have to take care of everyone…

(Tea Party crowd cheers)

Moderator: But congressman, are you saying that society should just let him die?

(Tea Party crowd screams YES!) MORE HERE:

The Un-Communism

Libertarianism strikes me as if someone (let's call her "Ayn Rand") sat down to create the Un-Communism. Thus:

Communism Libertarianism
Property is theft Property is sacred
Totalitarianism Any government is bad
Capitalists are baby-eating villains Capitalists are noble Nietzchean heroes
Workers should rule Worker activism is evil
The poor are oppressed The poor are pampered good-for-nothings

Does this sound exaggerated? Let's listen to Murray Rothbard:

We contend here, however, that the model of government is akin, not to the business firm, but to the criminal organization, and indeed that the State is the organization of robbery systematized and writ large. MORE HERE:

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