Monday, January 04, 2010

The Decade From HELL

Mark Morford’s New Year's column speaks for many of us. I would even say it speaks for ¾’s of us... but too many, don’t vote. That’s why we had to endure the Reagan Years, Daddy Bush Years and Dubya’s years of HELL. I believe most Americans are Liberal and if they voted America would be in a different position, one of tolerance and peace. If all Liberals voted, incomes would be categorized as LIVING WAGES. Our health care system wouldn’t be gouging, excluding and bankrupting us while those in charge of who gets what, when it come to medical care, get richer.
Reckless wars would not happen. 911 wouldn’t have occurred. There’d be no executions because Capital Punishment would be null. No homelessness, no hunger, and best of all no Beck or Limbaugh because their agenda of hate would not be tolerated. But alas, that America does not prevail. Let’s hope the next decade will bring the kind of world, we long for, we who EMPATHIZE and THINK. It can happen, IF YOU WOULD ONLY VOTE! thinkingblue

PS: Mark Morford's New Year's Column... Since Morford was the reason I started my thinkingblue blog some 530 entries ago... I am blogging him today, this the beginning of a new year and new decade:

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Dear 2010; Be not like 2009

Please let us never go through sh-t like that ever again

Did you feel it? Did you reach up and lick the full, pregnant, bursting blue moon on New Year's Eve? Did you howl and wail and stomp your feet and raise your glass high and say oh my God let us now move and dance and shimmy and finally, finally get this nasty nefarious monkey of a doomed decade off our collective backs once and for all? I hope you did.
It was a portentous night in many ways, this particular New Year's Eve, and not just because of the auspicious moon. It was, most notably, the end of the Aughts, the Zeros, the Zips, and everything they contained, hurled, dragged us down into like a Goliath tarantula drags down an unsuspecting sparrow.
Let us just say it outright: Good riddance to the Zeros. It was, as widely noted, the decade from hell. It was easily one of the worst periods in recent American history, upwards of 3600 days drenched in fear and ignorance and bitter divisiveness, MORE HERE:

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