Sunday, August 23, 2009

The Voices Of Reason On Health Care Reform

The debate over health care reform has gone viral. It's as though some kind of celestial dust has floated down from the furthest corners of outer-space and infected so many of our brains. When you see and hear people who look like you and talk somewhat like you go, completely berserk and make no-nada- squat sense at all, you want to scream at the top of your lungs "BEAM ME UP, SCOTTY, FAST!" and get transported to a safer more logical place.

But alas, that can only happen in science fiction (so far) and we are stuck here to share the breathing space with some pretty frightening characters, now called Townhallers. I went into the Urban Dictionary to see if this word has unofficially been dubbed a new “urban utterance” in our English Language and this is what I found:
Townhaller - One who is easily turned against the establishment through fear mongering and partisan rhetoric, who attends political gatherings not for the purpose of discussion, but disruption. Townhallers may become violent if discouraged from interrupting productive or informative debate and discussion. “These townhallers will believe anything, as long as Sarah Palin posts it on her twitter feed.”

Hopefully, when a Health Care Reform Bill is eventually signed, we will all be able to calm down. That is until the Limbaugh's and Fox News people churn up some other reason for their viewers/listeners to go bonkers and make total and complete asses out of themselves. Then a new urban word will appear to describe such people or events.

I put together this video to try and make sense out of the senselessness that is going on at the Town hall meetings to discuss Health Care Reform.

Voices of Reason On Health Care Reform

Let's keep our heads, while we continue to
watch THE



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