Wednesday, August 19, 2009

One Little Star Fish For Health Care Reform

I just wrote to President Obama concerning the public option or
lack thereof. I am so disappointed that this might be a
possibility, especially after I have been breaking my neck trying
to support the Health Care Reform Bill with a Public Option
inclusion. I went for the Dem's bait of giving a dollar a day
contribution to show the naysayers that we are united in this
cause. It appears nothing is working for us pro-health care
reformers and the teabagger/townhallers and the insurance lobbies
are winning. Even President Obama is capitulating on his promise
to get it passed during his day in the sun. Did I say I was
disappointed? Well that’s an understatement. What I am
feeling right now is total DISGUST. Below is my letter to the
President (that and a dollar will get me a cup of coffee - but
only with a senior discount...) if you care to read my (
little star fish
self) clamoring to no avail on this
health care reform issue. thinkingblue


Dear Mr. President,

A few weeks ago, when I thought Public
Option on health care reform, was a possibility, I signed up for
donating a dollar a day until the Health Care Reform bill was
signed by you. Well, now it looks as though the far right-wing
teabagger/townhallers and the insurance industry lobbies are
winning and there will be no health care reform for, we the
people of the United States of America and we will continue to
suffer under the greedy insurance companies who make health care
unaffordable for most of us.

In my own family my daughter who is a school
teacher, cannot afford health care coverage for her family, she
only has coverage for herself. (It would take a third of yearly
salary, for a family of four)...

My son who is self-employed as a local
musician pays $650 a month for CATASTROPHIC health insurance. If
he or his wife should get sick they will have to come up with
$5000 in order to get treatment (The $650 pays for nothing but
coverage - not preventative, as in a yearly check-up - it’s
strictly an amount paid to the insurance company who is gambling
that my son will not get sick. Pretty good odds considering my
son and daughter-in-law are young).

This is sad but not as sad as all those
Americans who have no coverage AT ALL because they can't afford
the premiums the insurance companies demand since profit is their
only motivation.

Once again, please tell me how to get out of
this agreement I have committed to... The dollar a day donation
is at this site:
because I would rather donate this sum of money to some other
cause that will use the money more effectively. I know this is a
measly, piddling amount to those who are fighting the health care
reform bill (Why else would they fight it, if they were in the
same boat as the rest of us?) but it’s not to me!

I don't want my credit card charged
again because I feel it is just money thrown away.

Thank you,
A voter from Florida
Now let's take a look at what Canada offers their citizens.

Democracy Now Looks Into Health Care in Canada

one little star fish

Let's keep our heads, while we continue to
watch THE



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