Thursday, August 13, 2009

Right-wing Town Hall Boobs

Right-wing Town Hall Boobs

I just got a comment on my Clipmarks blog, the one about the town hall raucous (2009 MOB SCENES brought to you by the GOP) that I would like to
share. It comes from a person who's screen name is Clip-On-Tie:


And just so you can spot an "angry mob" member, they
sometimes refer to a female Senator as “ma’am.”
They listen to anything other than NPR and do not watch Keith
Olderwomann. ("olderwomann" Who the hell is he making fun of here? tb)

Oh yeah, and most of them work for a living. They
don't sharpen pencils at the non-profits, eat a bag lunch of
braised fennel and you won't find them eating foie gras at a
Harry Belafonte benefit concert for the Hillary Clinton Legal
Defense Fund. Other than that, consider that person part of the mob.

If someone you know shows these signs of being an "angry
mob" member, report him or her to
Someone will soon be a long to take care of the person and you
can be assured it will be kind and loving care. Do not ask for
the exact nature of this care; that’s something an angry mob
member would do.

This clip is just awful. Talk about deceit and hate -- just
sickening. Gross. (FROM CLIP-ON-TIE)


Can anyone answer this question for me? Why do Right-wing sympathizers’
always assume that only republicans work hard. If that were the case it would mean that over two thirds of the adult working age population, do not work and if they do, it's work that's child's play... HUH? I worked very hard all my life and all my life I was a Liberal... Anyway, here is my response to Clip-On-Boob. thinkingblue

To: clipmarks commenter: Apparently, you haven’t watched any of the videos I have offered on the Townhallers (new urban word) if you had you wouldn’t be defending them (or then again, you most likely were told by the likes of Limbaugh et al, to join the mobs to stop Health Care Reform. Not because you think it’s a bad bill but because you were TOLD to hurt President Obama in the hopes that he’ll fail.)

These people are a sad lot, what they are willing to swallow is pathetic. Be
very afraid because Obama wants to pull the plug on Grandma? Does that sound rational to you? Obama wants us to be like Russia? WTF??

I guess everyone is entitled to their opinion even if such opinion sounds stupid or insane. But when they go out and display their absurdities in public and are filmed on videos which are spread across all our TV’s and don’t feel an inkling of shame or regret at their actions (as a matter of fact they act proud, that they are so pathetically irresponsible and mindless) well that’s just morbid.

There is one good thing that comes out of all this madness, for those of us
who can comprehend, a validation that WE ARE PROUD TO BE LIBERALS

PS: The Germany election has become all about BOOBS.

CLICK HERE TO ENLARGEMerkel ally makes a boob in
low-cut poster

Female candidate deploys revealing images of herself and Chancellor in campaign

By Tony Paterson in Berlin

Thursday, 13 August 2009

With her political dream-team poised to capture 51 per cent of the vote in next month's elections, Angela Merkel hardly needed to show off her generous cleavage to attract support.

But in Berlin, one member of her family-oriented conservative party is hoping that the German Chancellor's breasts – juxtaposed with her own – will secure victory in a tight race. Vera Lengsfeld is the Christian Democrat candidate in the eastern Berlin district of Freidrichshain, and yesterday placards distributed in the area were a little racier than typical campaign fare.

They carried a 2008 picture of Ms Merkel in a revealing low-cut
evening dress alongside a photograph of Ms Lengsfeld in
comparable attire that emphasised her own considerable bosom.
"We have more to offer," boasted the accompanying slogan.

At least in Germany BOOBS ARE REALLY BOOBS... Here in the states boobs are townhallers...

Let's keep our heads, while we continue to
watch THE



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