Monday, August 31, 2009

Right-wingnuts are cashing in on Ted Kennedy's Death:

Right-wingnuts are cashing in on Ted Kennedy's Death

The below article was posted on It appears
that the right wingnuts are scared to death over the possibility
that Ted Kennedy's death will revamp or give enlightenment to the
public option in the Health-Care Reform bill. Actually they would
like this bill to be slaughtered all together. They (health
insurance corporations) stand to lose a lot of money if this bill
is passed so the lies fly about like lovebugs in September. I
took some of their statements and added a comment of my own...
This is an important cause for ALL Americans and we should ALL
stand behind Health-Care Reform.

A few excerpts( in red) from Dick Morris' group cashes in on Kennedy's death with thinkingblue comments in blue:

We cannot allow government to run the health care system like they do the Post Office!

(And the Public School System! And the Police dept! And the Fire dept! And
the Libraries! And the Highways! And the ON AND ON… ad infinitum! thinkingblue)

We must continue this battle.

(WTF, battle are they talking about… THE BATTLE AGAINST TRYING TO LOWER HEALTH-CARE COSTS SO EVERYONE WILL BE ABLE TO GET GOOD HEALTH INSURANCE. Anyone listening to AH’s like Dick (like we need another Republican Dick) needs to trade in their sheep-like brain for a practical judgment type of one. thinkingblue)

As I write this, the League has to firm up its TV ad buys for the next two weeks. We have already raised over $1.3 million. But we need to raise $5 million to kill off Obama Care.

(Of course they can raise lots and lots of money… It’s the wealthy
Health-Care Industry that is backing them because they want to
stop the prospect of a public option in order to continue with
their greedy quest to bilk the average American
out of more money while delivering less health care. thinkingblue)

We need your urgent help to make this happen – Dick Morris says the League of American Voters is the "the number one group today fighting Obama Care, they deserve your support."

(Giving them your support to fight Health Care Reform... is like kicking the S**T out of your neighbor and then taking them to the EMERGENCY ROOM for care because they can’t afford health-care insurance. There they will wait for hours suffering and bleeding because the health-care employees must see the hundreds of uninsured before your neighbor!!! Maybe that will give you enough time to regret kicking the S**T out of your neighbor in the first place! thinkingblue)

Dick is the League's chief strategist - and actually crafted our ads and national campaign.

(He’s bragging about being a health-care lobbyist…? Man oh man, what a DICK! thinkingblue)

We are having a tremendous effect. Help us continue



Read whole article (if you can stomach it) below:

Dick Morris' group cashes in on Kennedy's death


Below - A must see video for EVERYONE:

Why We Need Government-Run Universal Socialized Health Insurance

Also a good video about the health Industry on Bill Moyer's Journal - MONEY

Let's keep our heads, while we continue to


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