Tuesday, February 24, 2009

PRESIDENT YOU - What would you do?

It's a "No Brainer"! The number one pressing issue is JOBS. People who fear losing their livelihood will hold off on spending. If there were jobs awaiting anyone who should be unfortunate enough to be laid-off or fired, from their company, they would not be afraid to keep the economy flowing by spending.
Greed needs to be a thing of the past and an attitude of ALL FOR ONE AND ONE FOR ALL should and could take its place. Once the fear of unemployment is stamped out, I would go on to housing. I would study the rudimental ideas of HABITAT FOR HUMANITY and apply these simple principles on a grandiose scale. Sounds too easy? Not to me! Think outside the box of GREED and all the needs of a nation become much simpler.

President Obama, has his hands full, that is for sure. But, we all need to stand behind him and not try to block his every effort if we are to unite and heal our country. thinkingblue
Democracy For America

President YOU

President Barack Obama will address Congress for the first
time next week. He'll announce a set of critical issues that he considers to be the most pressing for our nation to address, and he'll ask for our support and participation as part of the solution.

In your view, what are the most pressing issues facing the country today? Tell us what you would make the centerpiece of the address if you were President, below.

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