Sunday, December 28, 2008

Show Me Your Papers - Nazi Germany in America

The New York Times, has a very informative article this month about Incarceration for profit, called: "CITY OF IMMIGRANTS" (A must read)
27detain_600.JPGBuilding more jails and prisons, was always an acceptable practice. After all, how else can “they” protect “their” citizens from evil criminals? That’s what we (the public) were led to believe. Today, prisons are being built strictly for profit, right under our noses, without our knowledge. Each person’s body they imprison will give the state or county an extra amount of money, so of course the objective is to fill these jails to capacity or overcapacity. Isn’t this a nice legal way to obtain revenue even though it smells of Nazi style fascism? It reminds me of the uproar the “Reagan era system”, created by claiming, poor women have babies just to get an increase in their monthly welfare checks. What a stigma that was on mothers living in poverty, standing in line at the bank to cash their monthly living allotment. Oh the shame the government, OUR GOVERNMENT heaped upon such families, simply because they asked for a helping hand from a coldhearted system. (Same helping hand, big Wall Street banks, Corporations and other Fat Cats are soliciting this very moment) But I digress...

Read the full article, OF IMMIGRANTS for a truthful examination of how the people who run our government will connive and scheme to make profit off the backs of ANYONE but especially the vulnerable, (in this case, those without papers) who “they” can legally capture up in their big nets of inhumanity for the sole purpose of $$$ GAIN. thinkingblue

Confrontation of an unconstitutional (illegal) checkpoint

USA and Nazi Germany

USA: "Show me your I.D." -

Nazi Germany: "Show me your papers."

USA: "Where are you headed? Where are you coming from?"

Nazi: "Where are you headed? Where are you coming from?"

USA: "Homeland Security"

Nazi Germany: "Fatherland Security"

USA: 9/11 False Flag terror attack.

Nazi Germany: Reichstag false flag terror attack.

USA: Security Checkpoints.

Nazi Germany: Security Checkpoints.

Let's keep our heads, while we continue to watch THE



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