Tuesday, November 11, 2008

Another Notch For Rightwing Shock Jocks.

A story like this, puzzles me as to why it's legal to spread hate over our airwaves. The rightwing shock jocks, have been doing this for years without remorse or fear of reparation. We all enjoy freedom of speech and would never want to do anything to jeopardize this right, a corner stone of democracy. But when it's used to spread xenophobia, doesn't that strike you as being criminal? It's illegal to shout FIRE in a crowded room, shouldn’t it also be against the law to shout THIS GROUP, RACE, or ETHNICITY IS EVIL. Yet that is exactly what the Limbaughs, Lou Dobbs' and other hate spreaders do when they use media tools to distribute their loathsome rhetoric. It happened in Tenn. when a crazed man went looking for Liberals to KILL because a radio jock said liberals were ruining America. When will the time come, to say enough hate, it's time for healing? As long as rumor brutes can sputter their revulsion behind the safety of a microphone, it will never end and some innocent will suffer. thinkingblue.blogspot.com

A Death in Patchogue

Marcello Lucero was killed late Saturday night
He was beaten and stabbed. The friend who crouched beside him in a parking lot
as he lay dying, soaked in blood, said Mr. Lucero, who was 37, had come to the
United States 16 years ago from Ecuador.
police arrested seven teenage boys, who they said had driven into the village
from out of town looking for Latinos to beat up.
A prosecutor at the arraignment on Monday quoted the young men as having said:
“Let’s go find some Mexicans.” They have pleaded not guilty.
A possible lynching in a New York suburb should be more than enough to force
this country to acknowledge the bitter chill that has overcome Latinos
in these days of rage against illegal immigration
The atmosphere began to darken when Republican politicians decided a few years
ago to exploit immigration as a wedge issue.
They drafted harsh legislation to criminalize the undocumented.
radio talk-show hosts latched on to the issue.
Deadly violence
immigrants deal with
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