Saturday, October 25, 2008

Sibling Rivalries, The Story of (Mc) Cain and Abel

After Joe the Plumber, Joe the Hothead?

Sibling Rivalries, The Story of (Mc) Cain and Abel

As soon as I read this story, an old biblical folklore came to mind... The one about Cain (without the Mc) and his brother Abel. Abel, the first murder victim, is sometimes seen as the first martyr; while Cain, the first murderer, (or as in Mc's case, the character assassinator) is sometimes seen as a progenitor (originator) of evil.

There is another verse from the bible that could fit here, as well. "He Who
Lives in a Glass House Shouldn't Throw Stones at Others!" In other words, people should not attack others for their flaws when they have the same flaws. Or better yet, this phrase, not from the bible... "What goes around comes around". or, "If you do something bad to another, (eventually) you will get hurt too!" Nuff said, John McCain!

John McCain's Brother Joe tells 911 emergency "F**k You!"




Anonymous Anonymous said...

This blog shows the ignorance and the hate of left winged liberals nut jobs......ones who would vote for a probably muslim sympathizer who won't answer hard questions about anything because he would give another stupid answer as he has in the past...all of his past associates hate the USA, he wont give up college grades or thesis. The only reason he has any clout is that all the immorals are wanting to "use" him in the future to promote their corruption and perversions!!

So, to you anti god, anti moraled, anti country, anti anything true or right ....... byte me!! You are merely the red carpet that the real anti christ person will ride in on....congratulations.. weirdos

1:43 PM  
Blogger thinkingblue said...

IGNORANCE AND HATE? The right wing's hypocrisy is incredulous, but what else can be expected of pathetic minds who are clouded with the fairytales of "biblical proportions" (pun intended). Every retort, response, blather or nonsense that comes from your pie-hole or in this case your closed-mind translates into exactly what you accuse others of. Hatred, ignorance is YOUR dogma!!! We who think outside the intolerance box, you pathetic people have imprisoned yourselves in, have no dogma, we are free from the bonds of aversion. The only reply I can give to you is, "I feel so sorry for you." Life is too short and there really isn't enough time to spend on hatred but somehow, I suspect you would probably fall apart if you could not loath the many groups of people you don't agree with. In other words, you would suddenly feel so worthless. Hatred gives you power, a pseudo potency, to believe that you possess moral excellence. But sadly in reality what you have achieved with your Philosophical Castles In The Air, is Moral Bankruptcy. Too bad, Too sad. thinkingblue

11:49 AM  

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