Thursday, November 20, 2008

Be Very Wary of Conservatives On The Employee Free Choice Act

When Conservatives are down, all they have to say is "Card Check"- Protect the Employee Free Choice Act"

The rightwing is still trying to gut worthwhile projects that will allow people a bigger voice. They’ve been doing this for years, with the backing of the very people, who will be significantly hurt by such gutting. (Providing tax cuts to businesses and the rich, in the belief that it will trickle down to those on the bottom.) We are witnessing, the damage from this pipedream. Another is the Wolfowitz or later renamed Bush Doctrine (in so many words) a fantasy or belief that Democracy could be forced on other nations through pre-emptive war. Sadness abound from this one. Then the use of fear to gut our freedoms. Using newspeak to get the power they lust for, which was disastrous to our freedoms. Their plots have been exposed but we still need to remain diligent. The rightwing’s desire for status quo is still intact, and they will still pull the wool over our eyes to deny us the ability to protect what is best for us. thinkingblue
Digby writes:
The economic crisis, particularly the Big 3 meltdown, is offering the right what they see as a new opportunity to break unions and destroy any advances workers might have expected under a progressive government. They may be temporarily in disarray politically, but the right never forgets their primary mission --- protecting the wealthy. And they are very good at advancing that agenda whether in the majority or the minority. Under the Shock Doctrine, they have a perfect opportunity to end the union movement in America and they'll certainly do their best to take advantage of the moment.

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Conservatives are down, all they have to say is "Card Check"
As the country begins to turn away from Conservatism and Bush and depression
runs deep in their veins, there does seem to be a phrase that lifts up their
spirits. Everybody stand up and say "Card Check."
It's also known as the Employee
Free Choice Act.
And its progress in Congress has every corporate Fat Cat in
America leaping into frenzied action. One of them, Home Depot founder Bernie
Marcus, is saying that any corporate type who isn't on board in their fight
against Card Check should be shot.
It's an obvious attack on unions and we need to be aware of this. Orrin Hatch
loves to go on MSNBC, CNN or the National Review and proclaim that there will be
no more secret ballots for workers so civilization
in America will be destroyed:

That's all you get out of

them. I doubt most Conservatives even know what a "Card Check" is, but it
really riles them up.

H.R. 800, S. 1041
people to bargain
better wages,
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