Thursday, January 15, 2009

Give Us Our Daily American Bread

I picked this doozy of an article, off the yahoo news menu... Not a good read to start your day. I think I feel sick. After grasping what we allow Big Corporate Greasy Spoon, to put into our bodies, via the mouth, to help shorten our lives, I've decided to, never eat out again.

That'll be the day. I need a little therapy for my Kitchenheimer's now and then and besides, it taste so good as you’re stuffing it down. (as long as you prepare yourself for the inevitable belly acid, yikes!)

I guess eating out is fine (in moderation) if and only if you practice diligence in choosing body fuel that is the least toxic. Thanks HEALTH YAHOO for adding to my 2009 awareness cache. I think?
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20 Worst Foods in America, 2009

Can an appetizer with the caloric equivalent of 13 Krispy Kreme doughnuts be justified? No. The 2,710-calorie Awesome Blossom has been purged from Chili's menu
The deep-fried onion wasn't the only thing to withdraw from last year's race--more than 10 other items from 2008's lineup have been removed from menus
The bad news? There are plenty of frightening foods still at large
Worst "Healthy" Sandwich
Blimpie Veggie Supreme (12")
Veggie Supreme sandwich sounds healthy, but
comes with three different kinds of cheese, and it’s drenched in oil. After Blimpie gets done with this vegetarian nightmare, you’d be better off consuming two Big Macs
Worst Kids' Meal
Chili’s Pepper Pals Country-Fried Chicken Crispers
1,110 calories
8-year-old boy should eat around 1,600 calories a day
This single meal plows through 75 percent of that allotment.
Worst Dessert
Romano’s Macaroni Grill Dessert Ravioli
Worst Burger
Chili’s Smokehouse Bacon Triple-The-Cheese Big Mouth Burger
Worst Starter
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