Tuesday, March 15, 2016

Reality Thoughts Concerning the 2016 Election for President

One of my friends on Facebook shared his feeling about what is happening today... very apropos of the goings on within the campaigns to elect the president of our country.  I didn't want to lose it. thinkingblue
This was my response: The system has been broken for some time now... it just had a reprieve with the election of Barack Obama (who tried to fix the mess Dubya left in his wake)... The Party of No did nothing but try to stop him for fear he would look like the leader we needed. Waiting in the wings was the darkness of hatred, (with legs) ready to pounce, once President Obama's 8 years were over... I've overheard people (low information types-- putting it mildly) say when Obama took office. "What are we going to do, our lives are going to be ruined with the election of this uppity low-life, (used worse descriptions than that) he’ll take away our guns, he’ll make us live under Sharia law and take our bibles, he hates white people and will try to enslave us. They felt that way because they were entrenched in bigotry. Now we are feeling fear but a different fear, one based in reality because we may be getting an authoritarian bully who will all but destroy lives. We do have checks and balances but even those have become weaker due to the election of non-thinkers who wish to turn out democracy into a theocracy. What will we do if that happens, move to Canada or some other country that seems mature. No, we will just have to wait and allow common sense to return… and it will, it always does. It’s just so sad that many will suffer until it happens. thinkingblue

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