Sunday, January 31, 2016

Don't Tread on Me and Send Snacks

What do the 4 jokers in the Oregon Holdout expect? They and their group of “Don’t Tread on Me but Send Snacks” practically declared war on the United States of America and now one of their conditions of surrender include a “Don’t Arrest Me” clause. I know, they were all a few fries short of a Happy Meal but please, if this type of behavior became the norm within any disgruntled group of “Mad as Hell and Ain’t A-Gonna Take it No More, so let’s commit treason”, what would happen to our Land of the Free and the Brave? Oh, wait a minute; it is happening inside the Teapublican Party… So far, they’ve declared a War on Women, A War on Immigrants, A War on Anyone Not White, A War on Poor People, A War on Any Religion Except for Christian Protestantism and A War on Reason… The sad reality of all this is… They seem to be getting away with it… When will it stop? Maybe, when we the people who THINK, make sure we get out and vote for those who display reasonable thought. (Hint: it ain’t Cruz or Trump)

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