Friday, January 29, 2016

The Political Bubble In Which We Choose

I came across this thought provoking opinion on facebook this morning... When any writings (or sightings) lubricate the worn-out rusty wheels within my head, inciting them enough to move, I embrace it.
Thanks Bruce.

Aaaaaand, then there's the Democratic bubble. You've probably read a few of these
bouncing around Facebook:
• Fox News has been banned from Canada.
• Hillary Clinton has been cleared by the FBI. The email sideshow is over.
• Trump can't win the nomination.
• Bernie can win with or without the black and Hispanic vote.
• Ted Cruz isn't really an American, so he'd be disqualified.
• Racism and bigotry have been eradicated from the Left.
• It's too late to do anything about Climate Change. We're screwed.
• Prescott Bush was a Nazi sympathizer.
• Karl Rove is stupid. Don't worry about him, he and his PAC are yesterday's news.
• Tofu tastes just like chicken. _________

A tad more on the subject below... Read blog and comments here:

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