Tuesday, January 05, 2016

FDR's Unforgettable Speech 1936, Still Pertinent Today

Why don't things ever change... I have a feeling it's because we human beings are so susceptible to believing in fairytales and therefore, laden with delusions of grandeur (believing we are godlike and do not belong to the animal kingdom), we become vulnerable to the despots (whether religious or political) who realize they can become more powerful by concentrating on the fears of the low informational types. We as a species, can overcome this by peering through the cloud of ambiguity these charlatans cast upon us. If that is at all possible
then maybe, just maybe we can learn how to THINK for ourselves…
Yeah right, never gonna happen, not in our short lifetime. Perhaps, a thousand years from now, we will see changes materializing, but let us not hold our proverbial breaths, it didn’t happen in the last 5 thousand years, why should it happen in the next one thousand? Then again, we do have SpaceX’s conquering somewhat our physical world by its breakthrough with Falcon rocket return, coupled with an explosion of artificial intelligence mushrooming on the scene, just maybe a change is gonna come…thinkingblue
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