Saturday, February 20, 2016

Feel the Bern or Feel the Fade - (Democracy in America)

Holy Plutocracy Oligarchy Batman!
If this article isn't proof that it is time for all of us to “Feel the Bern” than we will certainly see our Democratic Republic fade even more with the election of anyone other than Bernie Sanders. Feel the Bern or Feel the Fade.
A famous quote by Benjamin Franklin when someone asked him at the close of the Constitutional Convention, what form of government do we have – a republic or a monarchy?  He replied, “A republic if you can keep it.”

Excerpt: He (Jeb Bush) drew more than $2 million from the chief executive officers of companies like Exxon Mobil , Halliburton , Kinder Morgan , and Chief Oil & Gas in 2015, making up about 56 percent of all the industry’s contributions to the race so far, according to the review.
The review covered contributions from 75 oil and gas companies, their employees, and their political action committees to presidential candidates' campaigns and allied Super PACs. When counting donations only to Republican candidates’ campaigns, employees favored Cruz among the Republicans, with Bush in second place and Rubio in third.
Several of Bush’s biggest oil CEO donors have links to his family. Richard Kinder of Kinder Morgan, for example, campaigned for George H.W. Bush’s run for the White House in 1992, and for George W. Bush’s run in 2004. Halliburton’s CEO, David Lesar, meanwhile, succeeded Dick Cheney after George W. Bush nominated him vice president in 2000.
George Carlin on Plutocracy Oligarchy

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