Tuesday, July 29, 2014

Hidden Slaves, In The Land of Plenty

In the "New America", (courtesy of the GOP) many ordinary people don't only "Grin N Bear" their slavery, they also vote to increase this Fact, not only harming themselves but also destroying the best of what was once known as The Land of Plenty (Now it’s, “The Land of Plenty” for the few, off the backs of the multitudes)...  IMHO: Will it ever change, NO, not until it grows even worse?

EXCERPT from: Poor in the Land of PlentySasha Abramsky’s ‘American Way of Poverty’
“The American Way of Poverty.” Abramsky, a freelance journalist who has written for The Nation, The Atlantic and other publications, regards inequality “as a social control mechanism” supported by financial interests’ belief in “the desirability of oligarchy.” He endorses the notion, popular on the left, that poverty is not just a glitch but a feature of the American system, “a corrosive brew,” he writes, “capable of eating away at the underpinnings of democratic life itself.”
The absence of a strong movement for change is striking, especially given the diversity Abramsky finds as he maps the landscape of poverty. “There are people with no high school education who are poor,” he writes, “but there are also university graduates on food bank lines. There are people who are poor because they have made bad choices, gotten addicted to drugs, burned bridges with friends and family — and then there are people who have never taken a drug in their lives, who have huge social networks, and who still can’t make ends meet.”
The destitute include those “who have never held down a job, and others who hold down multiple, but always low-­paying, jobs, frequently for some of the most powerful corporations on earth.” There are the chronically poor — “children whose only hot meals are what they are given at school” — and the newly poor who have lost the middle-class comfort of “huge suburban houses and expensive cars.”
More Here: http://www.nytimes.com/2013/09/22/books/review/

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