Saturday, July 19, 2014

The Man Who Refuses To Hate

The Man Who Refuses To Hate
If only all humans could rise to a level of dignity that's within this one man... We would cease to have wars. Please read the brief article about a doctor who refuses to hate, it will render you to tears. thinkingblue
Ever wonder why Israel and Hamas are playing the same game that kills many and accomplishes little? Why is Israel and Palestine in a continual state of war? What's it all about? Take a moment or two and watch a brief video I found on facebook, (from ) perhaps it will help you to understand the dilemma of these two warring states. It helped me understand the “WHY IT ALL BEGAN” but the underlying human hatred that seems to be at the bottom of all the world’s conflicts bewilders me and should baffle the hell out of any thinking person. (Why? Because hate solves nothing and worse it takes away any form of logic.)
It appears, human beings have not evolved (flight or fight mentality) beyond their caveman beginnings and because of that, with the accelerated transformation in technology, (which gives us better and more lethal tools to annihilate each other) we’ve created a losing battle for all, no matter what the philosophical reasoning behind the killing and maiming.
In addition, it’s only going to get worse, probably to the point where NUCLEAR will become the word of the day.
IMHO, no peace talks in the world will stop this... a very sorry outlook for all the new humans entering existence. They will be born into suffering and pain in a world of hate, misery and war.
Yes, cynical, I am but perhaps the message of hope within the following short film will become the destiny of our species, after all, we are the most intelligent animal on Earth. What are we waiting for let’s start using our smarts? 

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