Thursday, June 26, 2014

Are We Nothing But Guinea Pigs For Big Pharma Drug Testing?

It appears, according to TV commercials, that there is a Miracle Drug for everything, and I mean ANYTHING that ails you. Forget about the Snake Oil salesmen of the past, doctor's today don't have to use bells and whistles to sell Big Pharmacy Drugs, all they need is medical credentials, a prescription pad, millions of dollars spent on ads promoting pie-in-the-sky cures and a gullible populace that truly wishes to believe, good health is just a pill away! When are we going to grow up and realize, most professionals don't care about YOU, there’s just too many of YOU for them to feel honest compassion towards. Thus, YOU become just a dollar sign to them and to Big Pharma who keep filling bottles with pretty colored pills, not fully tested, until years down the road on the people who swallow them.

Another Big Thanks To NBC Nightly News!

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