Wednesday, May 14, 2014

Where Did All the GOP Empty-Heads Go?

Where Did All the GOP Empty-Heads Go?
The below article, is right on point. On Point, for those who possess the critical thinking mind they were born with before the grownups weaned it from them; so that they will go forth and follow the Empty-Head Crowd.
Well the low-information ones that the Republicans had always relied on to get them to the top of the political power mountain are finally dwindling in number. At least, upon reading this forthright article, which hints that, their same ole, same ole, tactic is not working anymore. Hey, maybe those who rather hear lies and misinformation because it grants them the luxury to lay their Empty-Heads back and not have to painstakingly THINK about anything, are getting tired of hearing the echoes that bounce off the walls of hollowness that vacuousness produces.
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