Tuesday, May 27, 2014

Move Over Pat Robertson, Your Hateful Rival Is Here

Move over Pat Robertson, Ann Hornaday is muscling in on your hateful and gruesome territory of blaming disastrous events on human behavior or comedic spoofs  (or, according to P.R., that which a god deems inappropriate). MY GOD, these people come out of the woodwork and hack up loogies to spit out  through the medium of words, that make a tragic, catastrophic human episode which is gut wrenching to begin with, even more sorrowful. Why, one might ask; I know the answer in Pat Robertson's case, he's just after money from his low income, low information following but what does Ann Hornaday have to gain with her nauseating, pathetic opinion about a topic she knows absolutely nothing about, MENTAL ILLNESS? Please tell me if you know. thinkingblue

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