Friday, June 20, 2014

To Be Or Not To Be Gay/Straight

A worthwhile reality read.
EXCERPT: I had known I was attracted to my own sex since I was 18. I came out as a senior in high school in Ohio and embraced my homosexuality. I found wide acceptance within my family, and I lived openly as a homosexual until the age of 24. But around that point in my life I found myself becoming very despondent, even suicidal. I attributed my unhappiness to my homosexuality. In reality, I was tremendously insecure, lonely and searching for an identity. I could no longer accept myself.
At the time I first began having those doubts, in the mid-1980s, I was attending Ohio State University, where the campus pastor introduced me to Christianity. I told him, “God can’t love me because I’m gay.” The pastor replied, in essence, that this wasn’t true, that God could love me, but he added that if I continued being gay, God would not be pleased with my life. I came to believe that homosexuality was something that God was against, and if I continued to embrace it, I would not be pleasing to Him.
No, wonder human beings do not make much sense, with the reliance on ineffectual religion.
Mentally troubled people seek advice from religious leaders who claim to know all there is about life (via a supernatural god); gushing forth  to those in desperate need for reality, subjective bible quotes that actually go against the teaching of Christianity (and others).
Common sense would simply suggest:  It takes love and tolerance to calm the troubled soul, which will eventually allow us all get along with one another. Not some god quote, made up by some opinionated Ahole...!  thinkingblue

I came across this Dear Amy newspaper clip some time ago. IMHO, it is the best explanation of what it would be like if you were forced to be other than what you were physically born to be. thinkingblue

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