Wednesday, January 22, 2014

85 Top Richest People In The World;

Have more wealth than the bottom half (3 ½ B) people on Earth.
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Think about it, can you imagine owning so much wealth that you may be richer than some countries.
I know I can’t.
All my life I’ve barely scraped by, trying not to allow a fear, take over my being, that one day there might not be enough money to pay bills and buy food and clothing for my family and me.
Most people share that angst… but apparently, there are human beings that have no idea how debilitating this stress can be, their only pursuit is to acquire more because enough can never be enough. After they achieve unthinkable wealth, their next insatiable hunger transfers to, amassing great power, the way only human beings can.
I really can’t seem to wrap my mind around being so excessively affluent that a measly 85 individuals who belong to the multi billionaire club, can possess the same amount of capital as three and half billion folks.
Why don’t they sense shame? I guess, they believe they are so far from the madding crowd that they no longer are a part of the human struggle.
Living up there, high above the survival of everyday life, in their ivory tower of privilege, allied with the king and queens of old, they dwell in a different world.
I have come to the conclusion that it must feel innate for these individuals, as though they evolved to this place, of euphoric utopia to live an almost supernatural life, never having shame, empathy, or guilt, only bliss.
What a ‘Big Fall’ awaits them when the old equalizer creeps up upon them and they must give way to a superior force called death, just like the rest of us. 

PS: Someone's wealth does not evoke any kind of envy within me; riches are not the result of a genetic factor which writers, artists, musicians, etc., seem to be born with (and I can't help but feel an adoration for it). Although there may be present some sort of talent or ruthlessness within the brain cells of the wealthy that help them to stockpile moola, it's not natural born or innate.
Morrie Schwartz once stated: “Maybe death is the great equalizer, the one big thing that can finally make strangers shed a tear for one another”

In search for the perfect quote I came across this one from Yahoo Answers: Why is death called "the great equalizer"? (finalds2)
(Shannon) answered
Because, regardless of your income, nationality, sex, age or any other factor, every human being still has that one thing in common: we all die. No matter where you may have come from or what you may have done: you're going to die and that makes everyone, in the end, equal.
(Too bad suffering can’t be equal.)

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