Saturday, June 30, 2012

A Romney Win Will Be An OH NO For SCOTUS

If Obama manages to lose to Romney, a blatant unabashed liar and a flagrant SCREWBALL, the Supreme Court will become a dictatorship and not an impartial, objective observer who can make decisions according to the constitution and what is good for this nation and its people; A tyranny court of far right-wing, goofy and dangerous decisions.
When this court, in 2000, picked our next president against the will of the people, my one thought was, OH NO MORE RIGHT-WING JUSTICES WILL BE APPOINTED. Of course this SCOTUS decision to appoint Bush, also wrecked havoc on our country and society which left us quite bruised and damaged, still the USA, with time, was permitted to heal somewhat, with the election of an intelligent brain. Yet Dubya’s conservative picks for the court has continued to EASE ON DOWN THE ROAD and vote along an ideological line, so that, in a sense means that old George W Bush is still sort of, YIKES, at the helm. More conservative appointees (from Romney) will clinch the deal and we won’t need those 9 justices anymore, just sign on the dotted line and enact laws that will favor the rich and make the poor even poorer until they won’t be called poor any longer but slaves. So be it. thinkingblue
Court's Recent Rulings Shake Up Partisan Narrative
June 29, 2012
It's a bit less likely now than a week ago that you'll hear people accuse the Supreme Court of being politicized.
That's because this week, the court ended its session with two controversial decisions — neither one of which was decided on the usual and predictable split between the five justices appointed by Republican presidents and the four appointed by Democrats.
But that doesn't make the court any less of a political animal.
Complaints about "activist courts" are common — and that phrase is easy to define, says Jeffrey Segal, a Stony Brook University professor. "Activism is a decision that people don't like."
A partisan court is a little different.
"Political polarization means that, by and large, the center is disappearing," Segal says.
There was a time when justices appointed by Democrats and Republicans intermingled in their judicial decisions. Ideological lines were murkier, and it was harder to predict who would fall where in a split decision. The last two justices who retired, David Souter and John Paul Stevens, were both Republican appointees who usually voted with the court's liberals.
Since they left, the court has settled into a partisan pattern of 5 to 4. MORE HERE

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