Friday, October 14, 2011

Occupy Wall Street - Week Four - The Intellectuals Weigh In

Occupy Wall Street - Week Four - The Intellectuals Weigh In

People are finally realizing just how much the ESTABLISHMENT has screwed them over. Since I started blogging it’s been my thought that we-the-people should start to WAKE UP and REALIZE the power we have being in the majority. Of course there were many just like me who never got out of the THOUGHT stage as to what we could possibly do to change our lot. But now we are seeing action and so is the 1%, giving them a teeny tiny bit of concern.

I don’t know where this movement is heading but one thing is for sure, people really are beginning to comprehend the fact that we the 99% are the losers in this game, the rich and powerful play. There may not be a great deal, we can do at present to induce the drastic changes needed but something is bound to happen in the future with so much awareness spreading like wildfire. One can only hope that our society will start to turn around for the better real soon because there absolutely is… no turning back!

Please watch the video I’ve put together featuring several different opinions from some very wise folks who possess a keen insight as to where this newly hatched movement is directed. thinkingblue

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