Saturday, March 21, 2009

Birthday Parties For Homeless Kids


At First glance, reading "Birthday Parties For Homeless Kids", sounds so heartwarming. How great it is that volunteers give small homeless children a party. But, why is it acceptable to have homeless children? We're facing tough times that will get tougher as we make our way through the aftermath left by those who were hopelessly addicted to greed. Homeless children, in America, being acceptable is very unacceptable. As soon as families started joining the ranks of the homeless, someone, wielding power, should have said ENOUGH! And the NIP THIS IN
THE BUD should have begun. But today, it's OK to have homelessness, it's OK to
have medically uninsured people, it's OK to have hunger and the working poor? Well, they don't exist the sycophants who push the Horatio Alger nonsense clamor. Come on folks there are no social boogiemen waiting to pounce if the rich are made to pay their fair share of taxes. Let's all shout enough's, enough and the ills of our society will no longer be tolerated!


The most proximate cause of homelessness in America is poverty. Statistics
show between twenty and thirty percent of homeless families surveyed in 1996
said they had gone without food for part of the previous month. The homeless
also face persistent deprivation and constant threat of harm. They spend more
time in the hospital and in jail than their poor counterparts. The majority are
victims of violent crimes, and one fourth lack needed medical care. Children in
homeless families do worse in school and have lower attendance and more
long-term absences (National Alliance to End Homelessness*).

Let's keep our heads, while we continue to
watch THE



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