Wednesday, July 16, 2008

Obama born to Muslim Martians!

click for blogObama born to Muslim Martians with plans to seize Temecula!

Hey believe this and I've got a
bridge and some swampland on the MOON to sell you!

Good Gobbly Goop, there are way too many gullibles in our country. Sometimes, I get a notion to post Something, Somewhere, ANYWHERE, on the Internet that is so outrageous and untrue that only a person living on the top of some mountain without any world information at hand and has an IQ of Minus 10 would believe. Just to see how breakneck fast it would go from computer to computer. Then sit back and hear, in unison the collectives shouts of the 'Uninformed" yelling, "I TOLD YOU SO, I KNEW OBAMA WAS THIS OR THAT AND A DIRTY WHATCHAMACALLIT! I just KNEW it to be true!" We sure are a nation of nincompoops (Well, too many for a so-called rich country, anyway.). It's scary, that so many of the "uninformed or informationally challenged" will go to the polls and pull a lever on a person who will become the most powerful in our Nation and perhaps, even the world, based on innuendos, rumors and negative hearsay of their opponents. What's even more stressful is
that not only they will have to live with the consequences but that rest of us
who possess half a brain, will also have to live with their boneheaded mindsets.

Just for fun, let's have another 8 years of Dubya and see HOW LOW WE CAN GO. !

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