Wednesday, June 25, 2008

Boston Legal's Depiction of the Supreme Court...

Was right on target. When I first saw this clip, I couldn't believe how wonderful it would be if this was not fiction. Well, it seems the Supreme Court may not be as politically polarized as I thought but just one more Republican justice and it will be. When that happens a case like this will only be a fairytale. I can't embed it any longer but you can view it here: Thanks, thinkingblue
Supreme Court Fictionalized Dramatization

WASHINGTON - Proponents and opponents of imposing the death penalty
for rape of a child underwent intense questioning Wednesday from a seemingly divided Supreme Court.

The hour-long argument came in the case of inmate Patrick Kennedy, sentenced to death for raping his 8-year-old stepdaughter.

Kennedy's lawyer, Jeffrey L. Fisher, told the court the death penalty for child rape under Louisiana law violates the Eighth Amendment protection against cruel and unusual punishment. More here:

This is a short video clip that shows how the Supreme Court has become partisan during the long reign of the Republican Party. If only this depiction could be reality, our world would be a better place for us mortal human beings. But alas, it can never be, as long as we have the Limbaughs, the Coulters and the radical, religious wing of the Republican Party. Too bad, too sad!A comic review of the supreme court can also be found here:

This dramatization in part, is based on a real event. To learn more about the plight of a man accused of raping a child and is awaiting the death penalty, just google (or use your favorite search engine) Kennedy v. Louisiana and it will bring up the many links regarding this case.

(A thethinkingblue personal opinion) When Gore lost the ability to have a recount in 2000 and the Supreme Court awarded the presidency to George W Bush, I knew exactly what was going to happen within this holiest of Courts. I knew, the great headway that was made to lessen human suffering would probably be overturned and that future supreme decisions would be handled by the judges, W. Bush would get to nominate to give the conservative ideology a court majority. It seems this de ja vu I felt was right on target. It didn't take a rocket scientist to figure it out! The republican party has for 50 years had this as their goal. But I wished the hell I knew why? thinkingblue

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