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Limbaugh tops his own bigotry with this one.

Limbaugh tops his own bigotry with this one.

Below are a few comments from CLIPMARKS.
on the youtube video:
Directly From The Butt Of Rush Limbaugh


From thinkingblue at clipmarks: It's hard to believe what can come out of the mouth (butt) of Rush Limbaugh but his latest tirade is beyond belief, beyond disgusting, beyond loathsome.

Yes it's very hard to believe this mindless little man could stoop so low as to praise the flood victims in Iowa, Illinois who happen to be mostly white and at the same time, condemn the Katrina victims with the same old rhetoric, innuendos and outright bigotry that the KKK type people carry in their bags of hateful garbage.

Those poor hurricane victims, who happen to be mostly of color are responsible in the intolerant brain cells of Rush, for their fate. I know beyond the pale, is too weak a phrase for this criticism from a genuine butt-hole. The only bewilderment I feel of such a creep sputtering into a microphone that goes out over the airwaves is, WHY THE HELL WOULD ANYONE LISTEN TO HIS SHIT AND STILL THINK OF HIM AS A CREDIBLE BEARER OF THE TRUTH?

From jmjoness at clipmarks
Ok, you must admit that there wasn't any
reference to race in any of his comments. He mentions illinois and Iowa as the
"backbone of America", that probably wasn't the wisest statement to make (even
though chicago is in Illinois...). I just wonder, since when did telling the
truth become bigotry? I agree with masbury that the comparison was certainly
flimsy (in fact personally I don't agree with comparing different events like
this at all, they are usually rediculous), but it doesn't change the fact of
what happend in New Orleans. Instead of helping one another, and doing
everything they could to get out, they became savage animals (I can think of no
other word to describe their behaviour, this is not a remark about race or
ethnicity) and they did overly rely on the government. I don't think you can
compare it to Iowa and Illinois, for the reasons masbury stated, but it doesn't
change what happend in New Orleans,,


From: thinkingblue at clipmarks
Telling the TRUTH? Are you kidding me...? Did you even look at the video... Katrina was a category 5 hurricane that hit the heart of a vulnerable coastal state. One with many neighborhoods of poor people... Do you even know what the word poverty means? When one lives in poverty, you barely subsist. Surviving day by day with not much hope for a change in the future. Any little mishap becomes a major event. A flat tire, an increase in rent, food prices up, a car repair (if you're lucky enough to have a car), an illness (one which will make it impossible to drag yourself into work -again, if you're lucky enough to have a job)

Your language tells me you have no idea what it's like to be poor. These people would not have been huddled into a sports arena if they had the means to get the hell out of there. And then, after the horrendous devastation from this storm... they were left to fend for themselves... no food, no water, plenty of sweltering heat and disease. Babies, children, old people, sick people, mothers, fathers, no one was there for them. We watched this occur, helplessly on our TVs, as the suffering went from day one, to day two, to day three... With only a few private organizations holding out a helping hand to their fellow human beings.

Judgmental comments will keep you living in your La La Land of opinion... It's
nice and safe there, and you, Rush Limbaugh can sit around and judge that which you know nothing about. Such a fun sport.

Oh, and Limbaugh wouldn't know the truth if it could run up to him and bite him right on his RACIST, PREJUDICED, INTOLERANT BUTT!


jimjoness says: so you believe this justifies rape, euthenaisa and other general acts of depravity? I've already said the comparison he made was rediculous, and I am no Limbaugh fan myself. The victims did seem to rely on the government to the point of absurdity, but maybe I don't understand the situation. Still, he was wrong to make fun of them, and wrong to make this comparison, but you can't defend what happened in New Orleans.

thinkingblue says: I could sit here and type my thoughts on my keyboard, till I'm blue or red in the face but there would be no convincing you. There is no way anyone could ever change the thoughts of mindsets, to think objective about anything they judge to be a pseudo-truth. It reminds me of my little grandson, who will not eat anything different than what he thinks is only good tasting... Like hotdogs, pizza, jelly, peanut butter and ice cream. Put something new and nutritional in front of him and he gives you a big fat, NO. But he's only 7 years old and will most likely grow up and will eat everything that's good for him.

But I do have to mention, why must you insist on blaming poor people, victims of a terrible natural disaster, for their fate. Even the meanest amongst us could see it wasn't their fault, that is if they possessed half a brain. I just wonder what mindsets like yours would do if they found themselves so down and out with no place to run and no place to hide. Frightening, isn't it?

jimjoness says: Why do you insist on ignoring what I'm saying
just because it's in opposition to what you believe?? I do not blame the victims
for the tragedy, i blame them for how they handled the tragedy. Don't you
understand what these people did???!!!! They were RAPING, AND LOOTING, AND
KILLING EACH OTHER. NOTHING can justify this behaviour, at all

thinkingblue says - I don't know why I am still responding to your callousness... But excuse me... you are blaming the Katrina victims for their suffering after they had the infrastructure pulled out from under them. And excuse me again, "THEY", you act as though every suffering face we saw on TV during that horrendous government disgrace, were RAPING, AND LOOTING, AND KILLING EACH OTHER... The "THEY' I saw were NOT! "THESE PEOPLE" were left there, by a President who's devoid of sympathy, empathy or concern for anyone who doesn't fit his ideal of worthiness. Abandoned, to fend for themselves in the middle of a brutal wilderness, unprotected and vulnerable to the forces of inhumanity.

Believe me I am not ignoring what you and your fellow mindsets are saying... But I sure wished the hell I could!

Anyway, we're all human beings and we deserve so much more than the pathetic, unfair judgments of the Limbaugh types. thinkingblue

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