Sunday, June 22, 2008

The many faces of John McCain.

McCain Mcsame

The closer we get to the presidential election the more John McCain looks and acts like George W. Bush. I don't know what his strategy is all about but do we really want another term of the neocons and Bush? I think not! Perhaps, he is banking on another 9/11 or something to shock Americans into the same fear-hold Karl Rove and the rest of the neocon manipulators had on the people...You know that PNAC group (which has since shut down their site...hmmm I wonder why, does rats overboard mean anything?) But, the PNAC in order to unleash their foreign/military campaigns needed a catalyzing event like "a new Pearl Harbor". (neocon quote) 9/11 rode to their rescue. Now they were able to Pied Piper all the little frightened children into the black hole of hell. But their utopian plan did not work out so well. Maybe they need another Pearl Harbor because it seems the little children have lost some of their fear and may need a booster shot. How much more can we take? Obama or Anyone But McBush! Thanks,

Real McCain, Real McSame
John McCain is looking more and more like Bush. Do we really want a 3rd term of the Bush Administration. You be the judge.
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