Thursday, July 03, 2008

Like I said, we won't need SCOTUS no mo'!

Like I said, we won't need SCOTUS no mo'! If just one more "R" gets on the Supreme Court we can all say TOOTLES to our civil liberties and HELLO to Fascism. This is not just an everyday alarm from an Alarmist, it's serious! The court is now in lockstep with the "R" ideology which protects & rewards the wealthy at the same time giving a nose-thumb at those who need help the most.

The kind of social order they (the R's) wish to spread across our land, is not a democracy!

Not with, cruel punishments for those who cannot pay their way out of a guilt accusations.

Not with, the melt down of habeas corpus.

Not with, holding a woman's body hostage and stripping her of her right to choose what's best for her body and her circumstances.

Not with, enforcing a law that a citizen must be in possession of Voter Id before they can cast their law-a-biding vote. (even in Iraq their only requirement to vote was to receive a PURPLE THUMB).

Not with, reducing or capping punitive damages to large corporations who will become even more reckless not having to face large losses to their beloved capital.

Not with, dismantling gun-control laws putting all at risks of being injured or murdered by the disgruntled and the disturbed who should never be allowed to possess lethal weapons. (that one is really mind-boggling because it flies in the face of Fascism or maybe NOT!)

Just remember one or two more "R" justices and you can kiss your, you-know-what Goodbye. Or at least until we plebeians can't take it no mo' and another revolution occurs.


A Supreme Court on the Brink

the Supreme Court term that just ended seems muddled:
disturbing, highly conservative rulings
like voting rights and gun control,
important defenses of basic liberties in other areas, including the rights of
most important decisions came on 5-to-4 votes
reminder that the court is just one justice away from solidifying a far-right
that would do great damage to the Constitution and the rights of ordinary
The Supreme Court abandoned its
role in protecting voting rights
the court struck down parts of the District of Columbia’s gun-control law.
Corporations fared especially well in this term
The court reduced the punitive-damages award against Exxon Mobil
most cold-hearted decision, the court endorsed Kentucky’s use of lethal
injection to execute prisoners.
In placing these rulings in the larger context of the court after two
appointments by President Bush
members of the conservative movement
One more
would shift
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