Sunday, July 20, 2008

Obama Bloggers To Forgive His FISA Vote.

A friend of mine (A Democrat convert, to Ron Paul's defunct bid for "R" nomination) wrote me the following on clipmark "The Thrill Gone For Obama Supporters?"
WAY worse than any little symbolic pin would by his vote supporting immunity for the telecoms and supporting all the more spying on the American people - clear violation of the 4th Amendment That should tell you that he is coming from the same love of executive power in support of corporate power over people power and considering rights dispensable for a greater "good." Judy
My response:
Judy, I know he caved on the (H.R. 6304 ) and that's a big deal but I won't cross him off my list... better Obama than McCain and I refuse to waste my vote on someone I know, without a doubt, will not win and perhaps will help McCain win (god forbid!)... Obama is our only chance at the moment and I won't thumb my nose at that. More Here:
thinkingblue blog
clipped from
Obama "can't wear white" to inauguration
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At 'Netroots Nation'
conference, bloggers forgive Obama over FISA vote
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