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The Infamous Bail-out Of Fannie and Freddie

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The Infamous Bail-out Of Fannie and Freddie

The Republican Party has contended for some 30 years or so that anything appearing to slant towards socialism is EVIL. Feed a hungry child "NO THAT'S SOCIALISM not with my dollar you won't". Universal Health Care "NO THAT'S SOCIALIZED MEDICINE, I want no part of that. Those without insurance are lazy and have too many kids anyway, why should I care about them!"... The "R" Party's collective mantra is a loud MAKE GOVERNMENT SO SMALL YOU CAN DROWN IT IN A BATHTUB. But when it comes to Corporate bail-outs, which is another name for Corporate Socialism QUICK PULL THAT GOV-GUY OUT OF THE TUB AND APPLY Cardiopulmonary resuscitation (CPR)... It's enough to blow your mind! I've put together some TV clips and article excerpts to illustrate the hypocrisy of our government. A short saga of the U.S. Bail-out of two mortgage giants Freddie Mac and Fannie Mae. I guess the SHOW MUST GO ON.

PS: Next time you hear an "R" person yodel "IT'S NOT OUR DUTY TO HELP THE POOR", and "WE WON'T STAND FOR UNIVERSAL HEALTH CARE". Tell them to think about all the Big Bucks, Your Bucks, My Bucks, our government has spent, bailing out the many Fat Cats and see if they will then say "Socialism is a dirty word, it's EVIL!". Yeah, right, but only if you're POOR.

The Infamous Bail-out Of Fannie and Freddie

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Anonymous Anonymous said...

Socialism has NEVER worked in the history of time!

Socialism destroys societies commensurate to the level of socialism infestation.

USA is still recovering from FDR folly

11:58 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

You mean REAGAN YOUR GOD's folly, yes?

9:59 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Lol...Oh yeah. Reagan is the evil one. FDR hitched us to the Keynesian policy of deficit spending, claiming that in order to solve the depression the government had to amass large deficit spending for public programs. It didn't work. WWII brought us out of the depression. Even economists in the 1940's acknowledge the failure of Keyne's policies. Milton Friedman mathematically proved Keynes to be wrong.

Reagan followed Hayeks advice. Yes Reagan did run up deficit spending, but not for public works. It was for defense spending, specifically for technological advances up to and including the "star wars" defense system. The soviets, by attempting to match the defense spending, collapsed under the economic weight of spending so much of their GDP on military.

Different kind of deficit spending under Reagan. You will also note that under Reagan, we were rescued from oil rationing, economic malaise and generally ineffectual leadership. He lowered the tax rates and under Reagan, more regular americans became millionaires than ever before ( I know, millionaires are horrible, darn capilatist pigs).
The socialism that you love so much has never worked. It didn't work in Nazi Germany. It didn't work in Lenin's Soviet Union, it didn't work in Italy or Spain, and it didn't work in Cuba.

As many self professed socialist thinkers acknowledge, the danger of socialism is that it naturally trends towards fascism and totalitarianism.

I hate people who just parrot some ignorant party line and don't know what the hell they are talking about (and NO iam NOT a republican).

10:10 PM  
Blogger thinkingblue said...

Oh my, you Reagan (anti-everything humane) lovers will go on and on with your repetitive unchanging rhetoric to prove that Reagan's (and all the other self-serving, corrupt, covetous goons in the GOP) doctrine of delusion was (and is) the only way to fly. Even during blatant failure you still hold fast to the mercenary beliefs of the right-winged ones who won't bat an eyelash for anything or anyone down and out. To me it certainly smacks of a death wish for America. I swear you guys or either very mindless or part of the fifth column who’s only goal is to bring America (the part that idealizes Democracy and the Checks and Balance System -America’s Constitution-) down.
The fear of Fascism? The Right-Wing political dogma will definitely lead us into that nightmare.
Reagan’s voodoo economics were scandalous; A reversal of Robin Hood, give to the Rich and Take from the poor ideology.
His total lack of empathy towards The Poor and Aid victims displayed the inside workings (Bigotry) of a pathetic little man. Remember Reagan's Cadillac Welfare Queen? (Over a period of about five years, Reagan told the story of the "Chicago welfare queen" who had 80 names, 30 addresses, 12 Social Security cards, and collected benefits for "four nonexistent deceased husbands," bilking the government out of "over $150,000." The real welfare recipient to whom Reagan referred was actually convicted for using two different aliases to collect $8,000. Reagan continued to use his version of the story even after the press pointed out the actual facts of the case to him. ) that he used such a prejudiced statement against black single women at all is a testimony of his uncaring nature… (You need only remember Bush and Katrina for more of the GOP Jim Crowism attitude)
America has not only gotten worse off since Reagan was elected - it damned near died under the GOP and their outrageous "big lie" that small government and low, low, low cut-rate taxes was the best way to run the country. It accentuated the GOP mindset that government is their private, personal ATM machine for the exclusive use of the antiquated party of old rich white men. That's why Reagan launched his 1980 presidential campaign in Philadelphia, Miss., a town with a notorious Ku Klux Klan history. He denounced "welfare queens"--a code word for Blacks--for living off "government handouts." As the AIDS epidemic began to claim tens of thousands of lives, Reagan refused to even use the name of the disease for six years. In fact, according to his authorized biography, he once said, "Maybe the Lord brought down this plague" because "illicit sex is against the Ten Commandments."

You know what, there is no talking to those of the neoconservative persuasion. Even if our country were completely brutalized and bleeding, taking its last breath you guys would be defending those ideologues who brought it down. (Case in point i.e. NOW!)
Excerpts from: and

9:42 AM  

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