Tuesday, February 19, 2008

One Day's Cost Could Do So Much

If you were for or against the Iraq war, these figures should make us all sick.
clipped from youtube.com
One Day = $720 Million
From: AFSCVideos
Visit target=_blank rel=nofollow>http://www.afsc.org/cost to tell Congress how you
want your tax dollars spent. The Iraq war has taken the lives of hundreds of
thousands of Iraqis and thousands of U.S. military personnel. It is also costing
$720 Million dollars each day - dollars that could be spent in much more
constructive ways. It is time to DEFUND the war and RE-FUND human needs in the
U.S. and Iraq. Get more details about our Cost of War campaign and sign our
petition at target=_blank rel=nofollow>http://www.afsc.org/cost.
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